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November 30, 2022

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R SpeakmanSeptember 3, 2014

Another excellent article by Muhlestein. Good research foundation combined with some good applied logic.

DaveSeptember 2, 2014

I've never seen any comments show up on this site, but I'll try again in hopes that the author see this. I think Smith "translated" this the same way he did the Bible - he was giving us the original source. Egyptologists will never say Smith was correct, unless the find the very first book of the dead and see it was the writings of Abraham buried with the king he gave them to. I think that after that, the tradition of copying Abraham's writings took a life of its own and Egyptians re-wrote them into the Book of the Dead we know to day.

M. DunnSeptember 1, 2014

One other way to interpret it would be in the way the original artist/writer intended. What message were they trying to convey? This ties into the author's mention of Spiritual interpretation, for the only way this could be known with certainty is through revelation.



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