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December 4, 2021

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Jen SchowAugust 2, 2021

I have never found wearing the garment to be a burden. I wouldn't know how to not wear them! But a word of caution. There are many, especially in the younger generation, who find them burdensome at times. Our judgement might push them further away. I was waiting for my husband at the temple one evening. I noticed several women with, what felt to me, dresses too short for garments. I was quickly called to repentance by the Spirit. I knew that Heavenly Father was pleased that they were worthy to enter the temple and He was happy they were there. I'm thankful that garment styles have been updated, an evidence that our leaders do seek to listen and act. I pray that those who struggle with garments will find a way to incorporate them into their lives in a joyful manner.

Charles DefranchiAugust 1, 2021

One characteristic of the Adversary is to claim that all he wants is a "little improvement" to the current situation. But like the camel who is begging his master to get his nose in the tent during a sandstorm: first the nose, then the eyes, then the head, then the front legs, then the whole body, till the nomad gets kicked out of the tent.

Marilyn ThomsenJuly 30, 2021

In the last days, when the power of the destroyer in increasing, we need all the help we can get. The promises made to those who are true and faith filled are powerful. I remember the beautiful sisters in Guatemala whose faith shone in their faces as they wore garments when it was both hot and humid too. (Sorry Arizona you just don't know how bad it can get.) Thanks for talking about not casting off our faith and covenants when things get less pleasant.

Amanda FreebairnJuly 30, 2021

Thank you for all the kind comments. I’m glad my experiences have resonated with so many of you.

KathleenJuly 29, 2021

I did not read the NY Times article, but I concur with your comments or response. Well put. It bothers me when worldly means and ways are used to express spiritual questions/complaints.

Rochelle HaleJuly 29, 2021

Thank you for your article. I was surprised by the comments in the NY Times. Sadly, I think it was another excuse for some members to make their voices heard, which may result in negative views of the church, and certainly a lack of understanding of something very sacred. Years ago a young woman phoned into a syndicated radio program to talk about her upcoming temple marriage. Her parents would be excluded because they weren't members. She then proceeded to ask questions of the host. Why didn't she go to her bishop or relief society president with her questions, or even call the temple??!! When we put our faith and commitment first, then the wearing of sacred temple garments becomes easier. We should be looking for reasons why and how we show our obedience rather than justifying all of the reasons we can't.

Jo Ann OkelberryJuly 29, 2021

Thank you for writing this. I treasure my garments because they do remind me of my covenants and of my blessings. We have a wide variety of fabrics, and I found some that I like better than others. If women have concerns, they should write their concerns to the temple garment division and express their concerns and suggestions.

SeekingtohearHimdailyandcourageouslyactJuly 29, 2021

Thank you for so eloquently expressing my feelings. Thank you for sharing the thoughts of Many of us who happily wear our garments everyday despite the worlds ever changing views on modesty, body image, beauty, and fashion trends. We are grateful for our own personal revelation and testimony of the sacred and powerful blessings that are tied to our obedience to the covenants we made.

KristenJuly 29, 2021

I didn't read the article you are referencing here, but I agree with all of your sentiments about wearing the holy garment. It is not always convenient, but it is always a blessing to have that added layer of spiritual protection and a constant reminder of my love for God and His love for me.

Rita in TexasJuly 29, 2021

I've worn the garments since 1985, when I first went to the Chicago Temple. I was a 23 year old convert in 1976, when I was baptized, and it took a while for me to be able to go. But the covenants I made then have been the source of massive blessings for me and for my family, most of whom are either not active or not members. My wearing the 'magic underwear' (as my uncle insisted on calling it) has been a constant reminder of my duties and opportunities, a source of protection against evil, and a sign of my membership in the Church of the Firstborn. Southcentral Texas, where I live, gets really hot as well as humid, but I've been blessed to feel comfortable most of the time. My choices have been influenced in good ways because of my first choice to follow my Savior. I wouldn't change a thing.

Diane IrwinJuly 29, 2021

Amen and Amen!! This is so well written, and is a great rebuttal to last week's article. I like the way you explained the WHY of wearing garments, as well as the part about sacrifice. I often long to wear sleeveless tops and dresses in the summer (not tank tops) and then I remember the WHY!

PaulineJuly 29, 2021

Thoughtful article and much appreciated!

VeraJean SchowJuly 29, 2021

Thank you, so much, for adding this important information.

Patricia ByrneJuly 29, 2021

Excellent article. Thank you for expressing MY feelings so well.

Margery HuntJuly 29, 2021

Thank you. I felt your article was informational, specific and edifying. I personally feel safer by wearing the temple garments because of the covenants made to me by a loving God. Even when it is hot, I would feel more uncomfortable not wearing them because they are a gift.

BeckyJuly 29, 2021

I LOVE this article so much! I hope it reaches the masses. It really is beautiful. Thank you!

Clarissa SmithJuly 29, 2021

Thank you for sharing.

Marla SmakaJuly 29, 2021

Well said. My daughter and I have had several conversations about the article regarding wearing of garments. I am in complete agreement that wearing the garment has never been a burden, and I also agree that I prefer some styles over others.

Kay RookhuyzenJuly 29, 2021

Your thoughts and feelings mirror mine very well. I made a promise just as you did. Very well put!

Julie archerJuly 29, 2021

The garment is also a type of the garment we wore in Heaven. Hugh Nibley said we had to remove our garment, we loved so much, in order to come to earth. And the most agonizing thing we will face if, we don’t make it back, is not being able to wear it again. All of the powers and truth we obtained through our tutelage in the pre- existence is housed in that garment. Since our earthly garment is a type, we actually draw upon our heavenly garments powers while wearing it, if we are keeping our covenants. Keeping our covenants unlocks the door to it. This understanding has made the garment a privilege to wear instead of a burden. This is why Isaiah councils us to “awake and put on thy beautiful garment.”



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