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March 20, 2023

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Mark J. StoddardJuly 8, 2021

Accurate history. Well written and definitely factual. Add to that, at the debate before July 4, 1776, the northern states were thrilled with Jefferson's language condemning King George for the slave trade. Interesting denunciation in that they profited from the slave trade with their ships in the infamous triangle. But rather than this condemning them, it should inspire everyone that these were men of principle willing to sacrifice the shilling for the abolition of slavery. The only reason that denunciation of King George's slave trade was taken out is that was the price of the slave states in the south agreeing to participate in the rebellion and sign on to the Declaration of Independence. Ben Franklin started the first abolition society and John Adams was a fiery opponent of slavery. It was a bitter pill to swallow but they figured it was best to create the First nation in the world that would then freely, by the voice of the people, abolish slavery. And, as this article so expertly shows, they did just that. One other point. Russian Tsar Alexander II was anxious to abolish slavery in Russia (called serfdom or being a serf -- a gentler word than slave). He was inspired by the American Revolution of 1776 and used that to abolish serfdom in 1861, freeing more than 23 million people. (Those white serfs would have found the notion of "white privilege" bizarre. Slavery and repression of any sort is evil.) It should also be noted that the first European slave traders were the beneficiaries of the existing slave trade among African tribes. Wrong is wrong no matter where. For thousands of years across the world people have been enslaved by each other regardless of race. America has blessed the world a 1,000 times over and a 1,000 times more than any damage it has done -- real or imagined.

Jim WinebrennerJuly 8, 2021

Thank you!! Finally, an article that tells the truth of the matter, instead of pandering to those suffering the confusions and delusions of the CRT scheme toward communism. We need more people with, and more articles encouraging this understanding of truth.



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