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August 20, 2022

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Been ThereJune 15, 2021

With what little that we know of this story, it appears that the wife is so wrapped up with her thoughts and feelings that she may be totally unaware of HIS thoughts and feelings. She needs to get to the point that they can both share thoughts and feelings and needs and feel as if the other heard them. Then they can work on meeting their shared needs. She may need a therapist to help her sort out and examine her thoughts, but it would be a worthwhile journey for her.

Doris WilliamsJune 11, 2021

Geoff's article each week is one that I look forward to. I am simply blown away by his compassionate mountain of knowledge and his insightful, kind way of offering it. Just wish he could be duplicated somehow into thousands to help all the suffering brothers and sisters who profit from his advice and the help he gives us all just to read about it.

JuliannJune 11, 2021

Very good counsel, thank you. I am tactile and love to touch things to feel texture or just discover how an object feels. One day I automatically reached up to feel a friends beard. My son quickly chastised me, “ Mom, you didn’t ask permission. You don’t touch someone without permission”. He was right. I had not meant to be inappropriate, but I was.



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