February 28, 2021

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ChuckMay 5, 2014

Shortly after my first son was born while I was attending BYU, my wife got up on night after hearing him stirring. Upon entering his room she saw a gentleman in the spirit all in white sitting and watching over my son's crib where he lay. My wife was not afraid, but felt a calming at his presence. About ten years later, we were visiting my mother and she was going through some old family photos. My wife instantly recognized that gentleman in one of them. She aske my mother who he was. She said it was her father that passed away in 1955. Last year my son came for a visit and he, my wife and me decided to go to the Denver temple to do some family names. We did initiatory and then some endowments. The spirit was so powerful that day. Only later did I put it all together that my son was proxy for my mother's father. I look bake to when my son was an infant and see now that my grandfather must have known back then that his great grandson would be the one to do his temple work. It's truly a wonder how all this came together!

sueMay 5, 2014

I was very interested in family history when I first joined the church 36 years ago. There was a woman who was an expert but her explanations sounded like Greek to me. We then lived overseas for 9 years, and a few years later moved to Provo. I was at a dinner gathering and the lady sitting next to me said, "You have come here to learn to do your genealogy!" I must say that, although I thought it a joke, it was very prophetic. A remarkable opportunity opened up for me to research my grandmother and her ancestors to c0-author a book that will put her in her fightful place in ballet history. I spent ten of the most miraculous years of my life researching in every single way possible. One thing led to another, and another and more and more. It totally changed my life and gave me a family sense for the first time. I am fortunate that they were mostly from NYC, so I could get info more easily and even visit places they lived, as well as find things in historical societies. The story of the whole experience is quite complex and lengthy- but I agree- just start and you will be blessed.

MarianneMay 5, 2014

endowments are "received" not "taken out!"

MarlaMay 2, 2014

Very enjoyable article. I have enjoyed your column on Meridian Magazine for many years.

L. Karen PlattMay 2, 2014

Helaman 12:24 grace for grace. What you are describing is as one does genealogy people gain know ledge of who they are and hiw they fit into House of the Fathers and they then can tie into bless ings of their lineage.Then when they take these names to temple and review their covenants they receive the Lords grace which are blessing as needed. Ancestors are more often there as well offering bkessings. People form and come to understand their spirits and their gifts for sure plus many other blessings. Then spirit of Elijah kicks in. When prophets tell us this is one great redeeming effort and neglecting this opportunity we do so at the peril of our own salvation. TThose that hv left this duty untill older wonder how much we could hv learned if we started earlier. It is critical the youth begin now. I am temple worker and di family history everyday. There are miracles happening in temples everyday like you describe as well as family history. Must try and be prayerful and aware with heart and mind open.in these efforts one is laying foundation for millenum where will di the work. We need ti be mindful as we were told in last conference. God bless us all.



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