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February 21, 2024

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Roselle HarneyApril 21, 2014

Yes, these devices are easily abused but we need to see the positive side as well. My mother who had polio as a child and severe scoliosis in her back has loved having one small device to bring to church instead of a huge bag of large print scriptures, manuals, conference Ensigns etc. She can adjust the size of font as needed and if a speaker makes a reference to a conference talk she can pull it up quickly. My ward doesn't hand out Relief Society manuals anymore. They have a few for those who prefer the book. But they encourage us to use the internet and our electronic devices to participate in our classes. We need to learn proper etiquette but I believe these devices are part of hastening the work. A neighbor works translating church materials into Chinese. He said the cost of printing church materials in every Chinese dialect would be astronomical. These devices allow the world access to the gospel, and keeps it affordable.

mary janeApril 21, 2014

EDI is Satan's strategy for destroying beloved relationships. I am an elderly widow living some distance from my adult children. With telephones I would expect to keep in touch with them, but such communications are much stressed by edi's. When a daughter or grandchild answers the phone I shout for joy. But generally we are becoming farther apart due to the insensitive use of these devices. It compounds the need for more personal, kind and caring essential family and friendly communications.

Kathryn H. KiddApril 21, 2014

This article promised what it did not deliver. The first paragraph talked about damaged relationships and marriages. The rest of the article went on to mention business relationships and gave a list that did not mention marriage relationships at all. I have married friends who could have really used an article based on what the first paragraph promised. Please write an article about that topic. This is something that I would imagine a whole lot of people need.

Junk BinApril 21, 2014

we have had a growing problem with this at services for years. With the installation of wireless in chapels the problem blossomed. The original setup tok installing a program and than a code. No problem. The change to a simple login opened the gate to massive abuse. Once give out , a password is not longer a secret. We had the institute at our local college simply post id on the bulletin board. The key to every wireless was now public. With the increased use of smart phones, using the wireless has gone down but the use of electronic devices has increased. Even during Sacrament, I see people looking at their screens. Leadership needs to announce that all smart devices need to be turned off when entering the Chapel . We survived for years with written scriptures in services, we can do it now

Linda SheldonApril 21, 2014

I've been attending a mid-singles ward where I know few people. I keep trying to talk to the girls sitting near me in R.S. only to look over and they are looking at their phones so then I give up the effort.

Janet OwensApril 21, 2014

Good article. Constant cell phone usage is an attempt to fill the need we all have to be recognized and not isolated. We become addicted to this false sense of being connected. If you are engaged with your cell phone constantly, you are missing the most important and sustaining connection of all. You not able to listen to the quite promptings from the Holy Ghost. Satan wants us to be distracted this way so we will miss the guidance we might have had from the Holy Spirit.

pukinpocatApril 21, 2014

Ours is a small ward. During sacrament I make my rounds of the chapel taking a count of attendees. I am usually distressed to see so many with their heads bowed, not praying, but playing games or texting. They're getting a message but not from the pulpit.

Harold D. NewnamApril 21, 2014

I agree with you completely, however, I am afraid you are preaching to the choir!

MaryannApril 21, 2014

Talk to the people you are WITH!!! Satan uses these tools of technology to distance us from one another. And for all of you who go around with one of those dumb phones stuck permanently in your ear, do you really not recognize how absolutely ridiculous you look?



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