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June 24, 2024

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CBJune 9, 2013

"If we were right every time we proffered a warning, our children would doubtless listen to us without fail." Ideally this would be true. But I know of a perfect being that gives perfect counsel to all of mankind, but human nature makes us fall short of perfect obedience. Always being right does not overpower the fact that those in our care are here to learn by experience. That is part of the plan. That perfect being knew we would make mistakes so He sent a Savior to redeem us from those mistakes.

Angela BarrattJune 7, 2013

At the present time my teen is in the middle of taking a series of vital national exams. Although he's only 16, they determine to a large extent what he will be able to study later on. Can I convince him that he needs to study? No I cannot. Plead, beg, nag as I like, he stays in bed most of the day, texting his girlfriend, in the optimistic belief that if the worst comes to the worst he can resit them, not realising that in doing he'll be wasting time and limiting his choices even further. But he's wrapped up in his personal fable, and believes everything will turn out just the way he wants it to. But that's been the way of the world since the dawn of time. How much attention did Laman and Lemuel pay to Father Lehi?

ktn June 4, 2013

I love the term "personal fable". SO true. I remember when it occurred to me that a true indication of maturity was when you realized that all the rules applied to you too. You were not a special case, that the commandments and laws and such were for your protection too, that you were not immune from the consequences everyone else suffered. It was an epiphany!

Onewholearnedthehardway!!June 4, 2013

Oh!! This is SO, SO true!! My mother's family has high blood pressure, and of course have to take meds to keep it under control. Mine was slightly high as a young adult and when I was pregnant. Mother would warn me, and I'd say "yeah, yeah..but I don't want to take pills the rest of my life!!" Well guess what?!? in my early 50's, I suffered a stroke! Thanks to Heavenly Father, I recovered about 80%, but will never play the piano or organ again! (I was Ward organist for many years). My 30 year old son now has high BP...but will he listen to me? NO!! Of course not!! So even some of us"stupid" adults don't listen...we have to learn the "HARD" WAY!!!



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