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April 13, 2021

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Carlos RoundyApril 9, 2021

Life is tailored for each of us. In the premortal life we each agreed to experience our trials and difficulties, for our personal growth.

Lisa Simonsen PowellApril 9, 2021

I love this article. It makes so many things more clear. I have always wondered why I have had to suffer so at the hands of abusive parents who profoundly affected my life in so many ways. However, I have learned so many lessons on compassion and self love that I wouldn't have learned any other way. I want to turn that horrible abuse into helping others who have suffered as well.

vickieApril 8, 2021

i enjoyed reading this. i will use it for a lesson on sunday. since we are homebound i will teach this to my husband. my kids are all grown and gone. reading this gives me a sense of power. that sense of power is how unimportant our diseases are compared to the glory of God. How we can over come and not have whatever we go through be so important over anything else. and whatever our trials are, we chose them knowing we would suffer which lightens our burdens.

Kirsten SchwendimanApril 8, 2021

Wow, that was a good one. Somehow I feel better now...thanks!

Lora KinderApril 8, 2021

My mother was afflicted with Rheumatoid arthritis that flared up greatly after her last child was born. The medications led to osteoporosis which led to a broken hip, which left her bedridden the rest of her life. (She had a hip replacement, but the other hip broke and she wasn't strong enough to endure another surgery.) She spent 20 years managing her pain with various medications with devastating side effects, until she died of a massive heart attack at the age of 60. During that time, I came across the story of an early Latter-day Saint man who had a vision of the pre-earth life, and how he had chosen his own life of pain for the sake of greater glory in the hereafter. I shared it with my mother, which helped her to see that what she was enduring wasn't wasted.In fact, she did make good use of the time. She monitored the emergency channel on the CB radio, and saved at least one life. (This was back before cell phones were invented.) A baseball coach needed her to call for an ambulance for one of his players who was hit in the head. He couldn't leave the other kids, and all he had was his CB radio. "Thank God you were there, lady. Thank God you were there!"As I look back on that time, Mom had no strength, but she could lift your spirit. I could count on her to be there to listen and advise. Just "being there" was enough for her life's mission.



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