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March 28, 2023

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debMay 23, 2020

How did the children of Amulon and the wicked priests of King Noah get to Zarahemla? I thought they joined with the Lamanites?

Anne DeArmonMay 22, 2020

My take from the church manual was we were to share the gospel with others and help them come back. I actually wrote in my journal about how 2 of my 3 children have left the church. I made great sacrifices to be able to teach them the gospel so my thought was how would I do this for others when I was not able to even in my own family. Your podcast answered that question. Thank you.

NICOLAMay 20, 2020

Excellent podcast ! And who knew the lads were middle aged ( probably inactive) men!!

Joanne WagstaffMay 17, 2020

I've followed and read you for years! (Even have some of your beautiful books of photography and insights.) You're gifts to those who love the gospel bless so many. I want to thank you for your latest podcast especially, with the research and historical alignment of this particular time in the Book of Mormon. I recognize the work behind these details. Well presented and well done!



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