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September 26, 2021

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DaveSeptember 30, 2019

And @Julie, so far this wife hasn't shared anything really inappropriate that this husband has done. He laughs when she talks . . . So? Isn't that only being polite? He stares at her and seems to hang on her every word. Well, having been a listener for many years, those statements are someone else's perception. Would everyone else in the room agree with that interpretation? Maybe this is a case of a husband inappropriately smitten by an attractive young female. Or maybe this is a case of an overly sensitive wife who feels a little insecure with a young attractive female in the house. For me, I wouldn't jump to conclusions too quickly here. I like Geoff's answer. Does the girl have the same impression as the wife? If she doesn't feel that anything is inappropriate in the way the husband is acting, then maybe we should focus on Geoff's last two questions - is this a question of jealousy and insecurity on the part of the wife? She could be magnifying what she sees. But if the girl is uncomfortable, then this is a real problem.

JulesSeptember 28, 2019

@Julie, why should the girl be punished for the actions of someone else especially if she is not doing anything to encourage the behavior. (if she is, thats a whole other thing). I've been in a similar situation where having done nothing except exist and be female, I was humiliated and embarrassed because of someone else's fear of not being able to control themselves. Her issue should be with her husband and not with the girl.

JulieSeptember 27, 2019

You need to have this young lady removed from your home as soon as possible before they have an affair. Be kind and remove the temptation for both of them, before they do something foolish.



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