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February 25, 2020

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KrisSeptember 23, 2019

I would think this husband will deal with an idealized girl friend’s rejection and realize how much he gained from a faithful dutiful wife and mother to his children. I would think he will greet his wife with open arms and joy as his eternal sealed partner. I think this will be the final scenario. In the meantime the wife can become more sanctified and glorious in her own right. She will need to decide if she can forgive his immaturity and hurtful behavior and thus own her own story’s outcome.

Alece ReynoldsSeptember 20, 2019

You could remind her that regardless of whether or not her husband married her on the rebound, or not. If he truly never loved her, and she has been faithful to him and to the Lord, a loving Heavenly Father will provide an eternal spouse for her who will love her in the way she always hoped to be loved.



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