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October 27, 2021

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LindaSeptember 1, 2019

I am glad to hear that students wil know in advance why they are being summoned, and will know who the report came from. When I was at the Y back in late ‘60s, I got called to the Dean of Womens office, along with 2 other girls in my dorm. We joked on the way over about why the 3 of us got called, knowing none of us had done anything wrong. It seemed odd, because we shared no classes together, and our dorm parents were baffled about it. The Dean truly thought we knew why we were there, and when we said no, she said it was for wearing too short skirst/dresses. Whaaat?! She she had us get down on our knees and see if our dress hems touched the ground (they did). She seemed perplexed. I asked her who had turned us in. She wouldn’t say. I said it had to have been some kind of prank, since we had no teachers in common. So, we were excused to leave, but I sure thought that was odd!

HalAugust 26, 2019

It's been over 30 years since I graduated from BYU and I still do not understand the furor over the Honor Code or the office charged to enforce it. I say this as someone who was once called in for an infraction (my hair was too long - I knew it when I got the notice to appear). I remember being disgruntled at the time - as most 20-something men probably are - but also knowing full well that I was in violation of the code and, therefore, deserving of the mild reprimand. I'm a firm believer that, if you are always where you are supposed to be and doing the things you should be doing, 98% of the time one need never worry about being called into the honor code office. Our youth have been taught this since the time of Brigham Young. If you are at a party where there is drinking, leave immediately. If you question the intentions of someone you're dating, don't go out with him / her. My guess is that most of the students called in for honor code violations know full well what they've done wrong but they seem to think the values in the For the Strength of Youth pamphlet no longer apply to them once they turned 18 and became an "adult." Unfortunately, I know many older "adults" who feel the same way.



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