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December 4, 2021

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John NicholsonJanuary 27, 2019

I was born on Baghdad, and escaped in 1947. I'm not sure what would happen IF I went back. At 82 years, with lots of clinical happenings in my mortal frame, I believe the LORD will get 'first dibs' on me! I have vivid memories of my youth in Baghdad - much of it in my family history. Wow, I was born in Baghdad and literally escaped in 1947. Lots of stuff in my family history. Would love to share. I pray for the Lord's blessings to keep you safe in your travels. Son of Nun: Ibn-al Noon i

Claradene StewartJanuary 23, 2019

I only have one question for you, Sister Eubanks. Do you mind being a woman? As a life long member of the church as a woman, I am very comfortable with Eve's role in the creation. How to protect baby girls, young girls, women, etc. is definitely a human rights issue. All we can do is have good women like yourself represent women in a favorable light, and especially, on the world's stage. We pray for you in your assignments.

AyseJanuary 23, 2019

It could be complicated, but my small part is to seek making friends with those outside of our church. And I mean really make friends. All the while hoping the the Lord will guide me in listening to their beliefs, speaking freely but kindly with them should the subject of religion come up. As for defending their right to believe as they see fit, that isn't as complicated- defend their rights through action and's one of our Articles of Faith! Besides, the Lord loves all His children and so should we.

ChuckJanuary 22, 2019

Dear "Father" Eubank---three years after I was baptized in March 1971, I was ordained a Seventy, and spent 16 years as a teaching Seventy (it's easy to call you "Father", as I was a Catholic until I heard the gospel at age 21). Answering your questions is not easy or quick, but, to me, it's similar to sharing the gospel with those who do not want to hear it. You get down on your knees and plead for help in living the gospel and being an example, so people will see that you are different. Governments and NGOs can assist to provide safety, but doing what the Lord recommends will change hearts. I say this as someone who was an official representative of the United States in 18 other nations over a 20-year period. And, thank you so very much for the humanitarian work you do.



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