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June 15, 2024

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JenniferOctober 29, 2018

I attended the LifeStar program in Davis County Utah. The marriage ended in divorce: July 2018. I cannot recall the name of the woman who was interviewed; nonetheless, I laughed and connected with several aspects of what she shared. Others I did not experience hence everyone’s journey through healing is their own. I wrote volumes of e-mail/journaling capturing the raw-honest emotions. They were addressed and sent to my bishop at that time. One day after rereading several months of writings I wrote this to my bishop: Oh, my sweet precious Bishop, How did you survive my writings? Your poor soul . . . I've just spent the last hour reading through some of the writings from Mar/Apr/May/June of 2015. I laughed; I cried; I was indignant; I plead from the depths of my heart as I routed for this woman's unfailing faith and determination in her Savior's ability to conquer the unconquerable! Bishop, the story is gripping, heart wrenching, faith promoting, testimony building and painfully honest! I lived the story; however, as I read it, I do not see myself. In other words, I connect to it as a reader not as a participant. When I look at it from your perspective-as an outsider, on the inside, in real-time-my heart aches for what you have endured! I cannot even to begin to imagine . . . Oh, my sweet Bishop I am soooo very sorry for burdening your sweet gentle soul. My gratitude for your selfless gift runs as deep if not deeper than that sorrow. If it had not been for your willingness to 'listen' (read with your heart) to the writings of this crazed and wild woman, her loving sweet light would have remained smothered by the darkness of sin's oppression. Thank you from the depths of this immortal soul!,



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