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December 7, 2021

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Dennis WorkmanSeptember 11, 2018

I'm an old guy and my question is what are you trying to accomplish by making these events of 30 plus years ago public in a Church meeting?There were people in there who may not have been born then, to those who were your closest friends. To those in between struggling with the hard problems we all faced. We all have the right to deal with our problems with the Church as we see fit. But to bring this incident to a group of people seeking spiritual guidance, dumping it on their lives and familes shows more vengeance and retaliation in your heart than pain.

Maryann TaylorSeptember 8, 2018

This is a good lesson for us all to remember the purpose of our fast & Testimony meetings. The focus should always be on the Savior and our testimony of Him and His gospel. I have been frustrated to see the meeting misused in many ways. I often hear others declare their love to their spouse from the pulpit, or make comments about how amazing they are. The comments should be made to the person themselves, not from the pulpit. They draw attention away from the Savior. I remember reading in The Ensign one time that parents need to teach their children that saying "I love my Mommy," is not a testimony. We would do well to follow that counsel as adults.

Bob PippenSeptember 7, 2018

Way out of bounds! Her actions make me believe that her integrity is really in question here. To disrespect the Savior during His Sacrament are the actions of a person who is on a vendetta and will not stop until she loses her membership due to her inexcusable behavior.

vickie cloudSeptember 6, 2018

I guess no one is without sin even some of the elect because they are human but I agree that is no time to air ones griefs especially in front of children in the church. when children hear these things who knows what they are thinking but I would guess it causes them to feel unsure and insecure. in the bom and bible its says that those who seek attention of man...they have their reward....but seek instead the attention of God for our reward is eternal life. I hope this sister gets the care she needs. if indeed this happened then I wonder why it wasn't taken care of back then....if not then I say why not. no matter who was harmed in the church....women or men or children....the time to deal with that is ...immediately....before it becomes what we have seen this woman do...its a sad thing.

ShareeSeptember 6, 2018

Although I think she was wrong to use Fast and Testimony Meeting to air her feelings, I can't help but be a little on Ms. Denson's side. There should be no statute of limitations on rape or sexual abuse of any type, and even if there is, legally, there should not be ecclesiastically. The man should have been excommunicated years ago, when Ms. Denson first reported the rape. And since there is apparently a recording of him admitting it, he certainly should be excommunicated now.



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