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July 2, 2022

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Kathleen O'MealJuly 6, 2017

I am aware there are some missing affidavits surrounding the matter of some property concerning Mrs. Harris and the Prophet. For example, index of property deeds is available but actual books missing from the dates in questions at County office. I have a hunch these are among documents in basement of County Clerk and not Historian office (all of historians records from basement were moved to new location recently). We need to pray for a softening of the heart of the County Clerk in Lyons for interest in searching through his records in his basement, which have not been accessed by special acquisitions group from the Church as of yet. To have these documents could put to rest once and for all, those dealings between Mrs Harris and the Prophet. I have an ancestor whose property deeds are also among these---the only book missing from the indexed files. At this time the County Clerk is uninterested and unwilling to have this documentation searched for.

Ronnie Bennett-BrayJuly 4, 2017

When the light of Truth shines into those dark corners fabricated by naysayers, it reveals the truth and shames the fabrication.



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