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September 24, 2021

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Thomas MerrillMarch 28, 2017

Since I've been a Stake High CouncilorI've noticed something that I've believed for a long time: the real strength of our Stake derives from the sisters as much as the brethren, if not a bit more. I don't say this lightly. Of course, Priesthood power is essential but Priesthood not equal brethren. It's much more than that. I've seen the stake's sisters take inspiration from the Stake Presidency and run with it with enthusiasm when the brethren will only "stick a toe in the water." The early Relief Society was a very independent organization that had its own buildings, stores of grain. When the 1st Presidency approached the RS General Presidency to suggest their fuller integration into the Church, it was debated! It wasn't just accepted without discussion. The proposition passed. These women were incredibly accomplished, not the "downtrodden underclass" that the world assumes today. They voted (not seen outside of restored Christianity anywhere), owned property, ran businesses, farmed, received degrees, and preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The sisters of today are no less accomplished and even more important. Showing the world the truth about the sisters of the Latter-days is incredibly important.



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