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September 27, 2020

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AlexFebruary 3, 2017

I was raised in the church but was part of a boy scout troop not associated with the church. I was extremely active in scouting, including OA and working at scout camps and the local council. I have also participated, as an adult, in the church scouting program. I am told things might be different in Utah, but in the areas that I have lived (multiple states including CA, MI, MO, OK, and multiple stakes in each state), I have to say that the church units do NOT do boy scouts. Many areas don't really do cub scouts either. At best, one could say they do "youth" with some scouting attached. In my current ward, the scouts (which the church program only says that Deacons fully participate) only meet 2 weeks a month IF nothing else conflicts. The leaders are not BSA trained nor do the boys train/lead the troop (as designed by the BSA). I have helped build troops as a youth and as an adult but I can't get church leaders interested in doing a true BSA program. When working at scout camp, the biggest issues we had were almost always (about 75% of the time) issues with LDS scouts. Long story short. The church scout program does not do what they think it is doing. It does not align with the BSA program. Its time to stop fooling ourselves and split ties with BSA and have our own, independent youth program for the young men.

Lee HillFebruary 3, 2017

As I have in the past, I will continue to follow the counsel of inspired leaders in this matter. I don't understand why the Church has not pulled out of the national scouting organization, but I will continue to support Boy Scouts in the Church. If the time comes when the Church decides scouting no longer supports gospel values, then I will be out in a heartbeat.



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