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Four passages reporting a multi-colored “sky” in heaven, from John Burke, Imagine Heaven: Near-Death Experiences, God’s Promises, and the Exhilarating Future That Awaits You (Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Books, 2015):

Dean Braxton recalls, “The most gorgeous sky ever seen here on earth cannot even come close to the atmosphere in Heaven.  It is bright because of the glory of our God. . . .  The atmosphere is something you experience, not just see.  It is golden, yellow, white, and had more colors moving throughout it . . . like the Aurora Borealis lights.”  (126-127)

Dale Black mentioned experiencing the atmosphere of Heaven: “The colors seemed to be alive, dancing in the air.  I had never seen so many different colors. . . .  It was breathtaking to watch.  And I could have spent forever doing just that.”  (127)

“I saw the most dazzling colors, which was all the more surprising because I’m color-blind,” a Dutch patient in Dr. Pim van Lommel’s study recalls.  “I can distinguish the primary colors, but pastels all look the same to me.  But suddenly I could see them, all kinds of different shades.  Don’t ask me to name them because I lack the necessary experience for that.”  (127)

Marv found himself captivated as the atmosphere projected a heavenly light show, displayed on the most brilliant shades of deep blue sky as the backdrop:

The sky in which I flew to heaven, and the firmament surrounding the heavens, were a wilder and bluer yonder than you would ever believe. . . .  The closest shade I can associate this otherworldly blue with is the surreal tones of the water in the Caribbean or off the coast of Hawaii at sunset. . . .  That color is waiting for you and me on the other side . . .

The colors and lights in heaven were simply sublime. . . .  They were the deepest, richest, most gloriously lush colors I had ever seen, and some I had never seen before.  Heaven is a dream-come-true for those who love all things colorful, and our home there is lit by the Father of Lights. . . .  [There were] robust and bold and vigorous beams that were somehow gentle to my eyes.  I simply don’t think those colors and lights exist on earth . . .

The white in heaven was — forgive me! — like none other I can compare.  From a brilliant white to an opal stone to a milk glass moon color, the white shades clustered in the sky like a huge bridal bouquet. . . .  The colors in heaven would meld from whites into blues and reds and purples and greens.  The multiple colors would change and shift and move constantly, twirling and twisting and floating . . . shape-shifting in a way that fixated and enthralled me.  The closest I can come to describing what that light show was like is probably the aurora borealis, or the northern lights. . . .  Then again, if I compare the light show in Alaska to the light show in heaven . . . it’s not even close. . . .  Even just the light show was utterly transfixing.  (127-128)