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On the eve of Giving Tuesday, in Times Square — the crossroads of the world — leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints participated in the global launch of the 2023 Light the World Giving Machines campaign on Monday, Nov. 27.

Standing at the intersection of commerce, tourism and entertainment in the United States, Elder David L. Buckner, an Area Seventy in New York City, said the event is a symbol of hope for “greater light in the world.”

“We invite all to ‘Light the World,’” he said.

This is the first time the red Giving Machines have stood in Times Square — where more than 125,000 pedestrians walk each day.

In collaboration with many charitable organizations, the Giving Machines campaign is now in its seventh season and makes charitable giving as easy as buying a soda or a candy bar. Holiday do-gooders can use the vending machines to purchase items ranging from chickens and goats, blankets, hygiene kits or solar lamps to a hot meal for someone in need, polio vaccines, school desks or even a community well.

The red Giving Machines are located this season in 41 U.S. cities — up from 22 in 2022 — and 14 international locations.

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