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An exhibition showcasing 45 of Minerva Teichert’s paintings is now open at the Church History Museum of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in downtown Salt Lake City.

The exhibition, titled “With This Covenant in My Heart: The Art and Faith of Minerva Teichert,” shows the devotion Teichert evidenced in her life and in her mission to place the stories of her heart before the public.

The show is organized around Teichert’s account of falling ill during the 1918 influenza pandemic. Feeling close to death, Teichert remembered the art training she had recently completed and prayed.

“I promised the Lord if I’d finished my work and he’d give me some more, I’d gladly do it,” she said later. “With this covenant in my heart, I began to live.”

Teichert’s richly layered life — in which she worked with her husband to raise a family on a cattle ranch in Cokeville, Wyoming, made meaningful connections with her community, studied scripture and secular learning, worked on family history, and, of course, painted — evidenced her desire to devote her daily activities to God. Trained as a muralist, she believed in placing important stories before the public. The stories she painted were the stories of her heart: stories of the Savior, of the restoration of His gospel, of Old Testament themes like the gathering of Israel, Book of Mormon narratives and stories of the western United States (both of indigenous peoples and 19th century settlers).

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