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Two years after devastating bushfires in Australia — a period known as the “Black Summer” — the damage can still be seen and felt in many areas. In the Bega Valley in southeast New South Wales, 448 homes were destroyed and four people killed. The 2019-2020 fires destroyed 58 percent of that area.

Many landowners lost almost everything they owned — not just homes, outbuildings, equipment, orchards and animals, but also water tanks and pumps. In remote areas, landowners rely on water deliveries, water pumped from streams or bores, or rainwater collected in tanks for drinking, cooking and basic hygiene needs. 

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints worked with the Bega Shire Council and the Pambula/Merimbula Rotary Club to provide 66 water tanks to residents in the Bega Shire community, reported the Church’s Pacific Newsroom.

Mark and Denise Hamstead, who are humanitarian and emergency preparedness specialists for the Church in New South Wales and Canberra, Australia, worked with the Rotary Club to identify families who were most in need.

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