When it comes to resources for family home evening, Sunday School, scouting, primary, youth activities, or Relief Society, more and more Latter-day Saints are turning to Sugardoodle, an increasingly popular website for ideas and materials. One of their most popular products (and one offered for free, I might add), are downloadable pre-prepared packets meant to help maximize the General Conference experience.

Available here, the handsomely-crafted, full-color packets come complete with: suggestions for self-preparation before, during, and after Conference; places to note growth in church membership, missionaries, temples, stakes, and wards; interesting facts about the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve (along with reminders of their last conference talks and space to take notes on their talks this time); space for notes from other speakers; headshots of the general authorities (including those from the seventy, relief society, young women, primary, and more), and space for writing down personal goals.

Designed for youth and adults, I am certainly impressed enough by them to give them my endorsement (I’ll definitely use one this weekend) and again…they’re free! What’s more, they’re available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian. Have a look; they speak for themselves.