In the October 2023 conference, President Nelson said, as he announced 20 new temples: “The Lord is directing us to build these temples to help us think celestial.”[1] Today, just 155 days before his 100th birthday, he announced 15 more temples!

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland said once of President Nelson’s fast-track hastening approach to the ongoing Restoration: “To paraphrase Ralph Waldo Emerson, the most memorable moments in life are those in which we feel the rush of revelation. President Nelson, I don’t know how many more “rushes” we can handle this weekend. Some of us have weak hearts. But as I think about it, you can take care of that too. What a prophet!”[2]

Today, we all felt that same “rush of revelation” as we listened breathlessly to President Nelson opening to our view the purpose and power of the temple. He reminded us of the priesthood keys that were restored in the Kirtland Temple:

“The significance of these keys being returned to the earth by three heavenly messengers under the direction of the Lord cannot be overstated. Priesthood keys constitute the authority and power of presidency. Priesthood keys govern how the priesthood of God may be used to bring about the Lord’s purposes and bless all who accept the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.”

The prophet further emphasized:

“Then in the Kirtland Temple in 1836, the conferral of these three additional priesthood keys—namely, the keys of the gathering of Israel, the keys of the gospel of Abraham, and the keys of the sealing power—was essential. These keys authorized Joseph Smith—and all succeeding Presidents of the Lord’s Church—to gather Israel on both sides of the veil, to bless all covenant children with the blessings of Abraham, to place a ratifying seal on priesthood ordinances and covenants, and to seal families eternally. The power of these Priesthood keys is infinite and breathtaking.”

Just before he gave the announcement of more temples to be built, he said:

“My dear brothers and sisters, here is my promise. Nothing will help you more to hold fast to the iron rod than worshipping in the temple as regularly as your circumstances permit. Nothing will protect you more as you encounter the world’s mists of darkness. Nothing will bolster your testimony of the Lord Jesus Christ and His Atonement or help you understand God’s magnificent plan more. Nothing will soothe your spirit more during times of pain. Nothing will open the heavens more. Nothing! The temple is the gateway to the greatest blessings God has for each of us. The temple is the only place on earth where we may receive all of the blessings promised to Abraham. This is why we are doing all within our power, under the direction of the Lord, to make temple blessings more accessible to members of the Church.”

Surely, the announcements of so many temples by the prophet is a partial fulfillment of the prophecy President Nelson gave six years ago:

Our Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ, will perform some of His mightiest works between now and when He comes again. We will see miraculous indications that God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ, preside over this Church in majesty and glory. But in coming days, it will not be possible to survive spiritually without the guiding, directing, comforting, and constant influence of the Holy Ghost.” (Nelson, Russell M. Revelation for the Church, Revelation for Our Lives, April 2018 General Conference)

President Nelson then announced the 15 new temples in the following locations:

Uturoa, French Polynesia
Chihuahua, Mexico
Florianópolis, Brazil
Rosario, Argentina
Edinburgh, Scotland
Brisbane Australia South Area
Victoria, British Columbia
Yuma, Arizona
Houston Texas South Area
Des Moines, Iowa
Cincinnati, Ohio
Honolulu, Hawaii
West Jordan, Utah
Lehi, Utah
Maracaibo, Venezuela

This will bring to 30 the number of operating, under-construction or announced temples in the state of Utah. Honolulu will be the fourth temple in the island state of Hawaii. Houston Texas South will be the ninth temple in Texas. Yuma will be the seventh temple in Arizona. Rosario will be the seventh temple in Argentina. Edinburgh Scotland will be the first in Scotland and the fourth in the United Kingdom. The Florianópolis Brazil Temple will be the 23rd house of the Lord operating, under construction or announced in the country. The Chihuahua Mexico Temple will be the 25th temple in Mexico.

All we can do here at Meridian is offer up prayers of gratitude that the blessings of the temple are being extended to the Latter-day Saints around the world. As Maurine and I serve our mission here in Puerto Rico, we know what a tremendous blessing the temple is to the Saints on this island. And we are so blessed to live just 117 physical steps from the Puerto Rico San Juan Temple and we know what a tremendous blessing this has been for us![3]

We related so well to what Elder Brent H. Nielson said yesterday in conference: “During my senior year of high school, to graduate from Seminary, I had to identify all 15 temples of the Church. A picture of each temple was at the front of our classroom, and I had to know where each was located. Now, years later, it would be an enormous challenge, with 335 operating and announced temples, to identify each one. I have personally seen many of these houses of the Lord and testify that the Lord is offering His blessings and ordinances to more and more of His children across the world.”[4]

I keep a list on my phone of the temples President Nelson has announced at each conference and want to share that with you here in order than they were announced.

April 1, 2018

7 Temples

“At this time, we have 159 functioning temples, and more are under construction. We want to bring temples closer to the expanding membership of the Church. So we are now pleased to announce plans to construct seven more temples. Those temples will be located in the following locations:”

Salta, Argentina;
Bengaluru, India;
Managua, Nicaragua;
Cagayan de Oro, Philippines;
Layton, Utah;
Richmond, Virginia;

and a major city yet to be determined in Russia.[5]


October 7, 2018

12 Temples 

“Today we are pleased to announce plans to construct 12 more temples. Those temples will be built in the following locations:”

Mendoza, Argentina;
Salvador, Brazil;
Yuba City, California;
Phnom Penh, Cambodia;
Praia, Cape Verde;
Yigo, Guam;
Puebla, Mexico;
Auckland, New Zealand;
Lagos, Nigeria;
Davao, Philippines;
San Juan, Puerto Rico;
and Washington County, Utah.[6]


April 7, 2019

8 Temples

“We now have 162 dedicated temples. The earliest ones stand as monuments to the faith and vision of our beloved pioneers. Each temple constructed by them resulted from their great personal sacrifice and effort. Each one stands as a stunning jewel in the crown of pioneer achievement.

“Ours is a sacred responsibility to care for them. Therefore, these pioneer temples will soon undergo a period of renewal and refreshing and, for some, a major restoration. Efforts will be made to preserve the unique historicity of each temple wherever possible, preserving the inspiring beauty and unique craftsmanship of generations long-since passed.

“Details for the St. George Utah Temple have already been released. Plans for the renovation of the Salt Lake Temple, Temple Square, and the adjoining plaza near the Church Office Building will be announced on Friday, April 19, 2019.

The Manti and Logan Utah Temples will also be renovated in coming years. When those plans are prepared, they too will be announced.

“This work will require that each temple be closed for a period of time. Church members may continue to enjoy temple worship and service in other temples nearby. When each project is completed, each historic temple will be rededicated.

Brothers and sisters, we regard a temple as the most sacred structure in the Church. As we announce plans to construct a new temple, it becomes part of our sacred history. Now, please listen carefully and reverently. If I announce a temple in a place that is special to you, may I suggest that you simply bow your head with a silent prayer of gratitude in your heart. We do not want any verbal outbursts to detract from the sacred nature of this conference and the Lord’s holy temples.

“Today we are pleased to announce plans to construct more temples, to be built in the following locations:

Pago Pago, American Samoa;
Okinawa City, Okinawa;
Neiafu, Tonga;
Tooele Valley, Utah;
Moses Lake, Washington;
San Pedro Sula, Honduras;
Antofagasta, Chile;
Budapest, Hungary.

“Thank you, my dear brothers and sisters.

“As we speak of our temples old and new, may each of us signify by our actions that we are true disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ. May we renovate our lives through our faith and trust in Him. May we access the power of His Atonement by our repentance each day. And may we dedicate and rededicate our lives to serving God and His children—on both sides of the veil.”[7]


October 5, 2019

8 Temples

(Announced in the Women’s Session on Saturday evening)

“We are pleased to announce plans to construct temples in the following locations:

Freetown, Sierra Leone;
Orem, Utah;
Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea;
Bentonville, Arkansas;
Bacolod, Philippines;
McAllen, Texas;
Cobán, Guatemala;
and Taylorsville, Utah.[8]


April 5, 2020

8 Temples

“Now, let’s talk about temples. We have 168 dedicated temples across the world. Others are at various stages of planning and construction. When plans are announced to erect a new temple, it becomes part of our sacred history.

“It may seem odd to announce new temples when all our temples are closed for a while.

“More than a century ago, President Wilford Woodruff foresaw conditions such as ours, as recorded in his dedicatory prayer of the Salt Lake Temple, given in 1893. Some of you may have recently seen excerpts from this remarkable prayer on social media. Hear these pleadings from a mighty prophet of God:

“(quote) “When Thy people shall not have the opportunity of entering this holy house … and they are oppressed and in trouble, surrounded by difficulties … and shall turn their faces towards this Thy holy house and ask Thee for deliverance, for help, for Thy power to be extended in their behalf, we beseech Thee, to look down from Thy holy habitation in mercy … and listen to their cries. Or when the children of Thy people, in years to come, shall be separated, through any cause, from this place, … and they shall cry unto Thee from the depths of their affliction and sorrow to extend relief and deliverance to them, we humbly entreat Thee to … hearken to their cries, and grant unto them the blessings for which they ask.”3 (close quote)

“Brothers and sisters, during times of our distress when temples are closed, you can still draw upon the power of your temple covenants and endowment as you honor your covenants. Please use this time when temples are closed to continue to live a temple worthy life, or to become temple worthy.

“Talk about the temple with your family and friends. Because Jesus Christ is at the center of everything we do in the temple, as you think more about the temple you will be thinking more about Him. Study and pray to learn more about the power and knowledge with which you have been endowed—or with which you will yet be endowed.

“Today, we are pleased to announce plans to construct eight new temples in the following locations:

Bahía Blanca, Argentina;
Tallahassee, Florida;
Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of the Congo;
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania;
Benin City, Nigeria;
Syracuse, Utah;
Dubai, United Arab Emirates; and
Shanghai, People’s Republic of China.

“In all eight locations, Church architects will work with local officials, so that the temple will harmonize with and be a beautiful addition to each community.

“The plan for a temple in Dubai comes in response to their gracious invitation, which we gratefully acknowledge.

“Context for the plan for Shanghai is very important. For more than two decades, temple worthy members in the People’s Republic of China have attended the Hong Kong China Temple. But in July 2019, that temple was closed for long planned and much needed renovation.

“In Shanghai, a modest multipurpose meeting place will provide a way for Chinese members to continue to participate in ordinances of the temple—in the People’s Republic of China—for them and their ancestors.

“In every country, this Church teaches its members to honor, obey and sustain the law. We teach the importance of the family, of being good parents, and exemplary citizens. Because we respect the laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China, the Church does not send proselyting missionaries there; nor will we do so now.

“Expatriate and Chinese congregations will continue to meet separately. The Church’s legal status there remains unchanged. In an initial phase of facility use, entry will be by appointment only. The Shanghai Temple will not be a temple for tourists from other countries.

“These eight new temples will bless the lives of many people on both sides of the veil of death.

“Temples are a crowning part of the Restoration of the fulness of the gospel of Jesus Christ. In God’s goodness and generosity, He is bringing the blessings of the temple closer to His children everywhere.[9]


October 4, 2020

6 Temples

“Now I am pleased to announce plans for the construction of six new temples to be built in the following locations:

Tarawa, Kiribati
Port Vila, Vanuatu
Lindon, Utah
Greater Guatemala City, Guatemala
São Paulo East, Brazil
Santa Cruz, Bolivia

“As we build and maintain these temples, we pray that each of you will build and maintain yourself so you can be worthy to enter the holy temple.”[10]


April 4, 2021

20 Temples

“You may be wondering when you will be able to return to the temple. Answer: Your temple will be open when local government regulations allow it. When the incidence of COVID-19 in your area is within safe limits, your temple will be reopened. Do all you can to bring COVID numbers down in your area so that your temple opportunities can increase.

“Meanwhile, keep your temple covenants and blessings foremost in your minds and hearts. Stay true to the covenants you have made.

“We are building now for the future! Forty-one temples are presently under construction or renovation. Just last year, despite the pandemic, ground was broken for 21 new temples!

“We want to bring the house of the Lord even closer to our members, that they may have the sacred privilege of attending the temple as often as their circumstances allow.

“As I announce our plans to construct 20 more temples, I ponder and praise pioneers—past and present—whose consecrated lives have helped to make this history today. A new temple will be built in each of the following locations:

Oslo, Norway
Brussels, Belgium
Vienna, Austria
Kumasi, Ghana
Beira, Mozambique
Cape Town, South Africa
Singapore, Republic of Singapore
Belo Horizonte, BrazilCali, Colombia
Querétaro, México
Torreón, México
Helena, Montana
Casper, Wyoming
Grand Junction, Colorado
Farmington, New Mexico
Burley, Idaho
Eugene, Oregon
Elko, Nevada
Yorba Linda, California
Smithfield, Utah

“Temples are a vital part of the Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ in its fulness. Ordinances of the temple fill our lives with power and strength available in no other way. We thank God for those blessings.”[11]


October 3, 2021

13 Temples

“As I emphasized this morning, please make time for the Lord in His holy house. Nothing will strengthen your spiritual foundation like temple service and temple worship.

“We thank all who are working on our new temples. They are being built all over the world. Today I am pleased to announce our plans to build more temples at or near the following locations:

Kaohsiung, Taiwan;
Tacloban, Philippines;
Monrovia, Liberia;
Kananga, Democratic Republic of the Congo;
Antananarivo, Madagascar;
Culiacán, Mexico;
Vitória, Brazil;
La Paz, Bolivia;
Santiago West, Chile;
Fort Worth, Texas;
Cody, Wyoming;
Rexburg North, Idaho;
Heber Valley, Utah;

and reconstruction of the Provo Utah Temple after the Orem Utah Temple is dedicated.”[12]


April 3, 2022

17 Temples

“As the Church grows, we strive to keep pace by building more temples. Forty-four new temples are presently under construction. More are being renewed. I pray for the skilled people who work on those projects across the world.

“In the spirit of prayerful gratitude, I am pleased to announce our plans to build a new temple in each of the following locations:

Wellington, New Zealand;
Brazzaville, Republic of the Congo;
Barcelona, Spain;
Birmingham, United Kingdom;
Cusco, Peru;
Maceió, Brazil;
Santos, Brazil;
San Luis Potosí, Mexico;
Mexico City Benemérito, Mexico;
Tampa, Florida;
Knoxville, Tennessee;
Cleveland, Ohio;
Wichita, Kansas;
Austin, Texas;
Missoula, Montana;
Montpelier, Idaho; and
Modesto, California.

“These 17 temples will bless countless lives on both sides of the veil.”[13]


October 2, 2022

18 Temples

“It is significant that the Savior chose to appear to the people at the temple. It is His house. It is filled with His power. Let us never lose sight of what the Lord is doing for us now. He is making His temples more accessible. He is accelerating the pace at which we are building temples. He is increasing our ability to help gather Israel. He is also making it easier for each of us to become spiritually refined. I promise that increased time in the temple will bless your life in ways nothing else can.

“We currently have 168 operating temples and 53 new temples under construction and another 54 in the preconstruction design phase! I am pleased to announce our plans to build a new temple in each of the following locations:

Busan, Korea;
Naga, Philippines;
Santiago, Philippines;
Eket, Nigeria;
Chiclayo, Peru;
Buenos Aires City Center, Argentina;
Londrina, Brazil;
Ribeirão Prêto, Brazil;
Huehuetenango, Guatemala;
Jacksonville, Florida;
Grand Rapids, Michigan;
Prosper, Texas;
Lone Mountain, Nevada; and
Tacoma, Washington.

“We are also planning to build multiple temples in selected large metropolitan areas where travel time to an existing temple is a major challenge. Therefore, I am pleased to announce four additional locations near Mexico City where new temples will be built in Cuernavaca, Pachuca, Toluca, and Tula.”[14]


April 2, 2023

15 Temples

“Making covenants and receiving essential ordinances in the temple, as well as seeking to draw closer to Him there, will bless your life in ways no other kind of worship can. For this reason, we are doing all within our power to make the blessings of the temple more accessible to our members around the world. Today, I am grateful to announce our plans to build a new temple in each of the following locations:

Retalhuleu, Guatemala
Iquitos, Peru
Teresina, Brazil
Natal, Brazil
Tuguegarao City, Philippines
Iloilo, Philippines
Jakarta, Indonesia
Hamburg, Germany
Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada
San Jose, California
Bakersfield, California
Springfield, Missouri
Charlotte, North Carolina
Winchester, Virginia
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

“My dear brothers and sisters, I bear witness that Jesus Christ directs the affairs of His Church.”[15]


October 1, 2023

20 Temples

“The ordinances and covenants of the temple are of eternal significance. We continue to build more temples to make these sacred possibilities become a reality in each of your lives. We are grateful to announce our plans to build a temple in each of the following 20 locations:

Savai’i, Samoa
Cancún, Mexico
Piura, Peru
Huancayo, Peru
Viña del Mar, Chile
Goiânia, Brazil
João Pessoa, Brazil
Calabar, Nigeria
Cape Coast, Ghana
Luanda, Angola
Mbuji-Mayi, Democratic Republic of the Congo
Laoag, Philippines
Osaka, Japan
Kahului, Maui, Hawaii
Fairbanks, Alaska
Vancouver, Washington
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Roanoke, Virginia
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

“The Lord is directing us to build these temples to help us think celestial.”[16]


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