LDS Teen Talks about Haiti Effort on CNNi

14-year-old Ryan Samuels, made a video of the efforts of the Miami Lakes Stake to gather supplies for the Haitian Relief Effort and sent it to CNNi and within 5 minutes received a call from CNN asking for permission to promote and possibly air the report on their station.  Ryan’s i report was on the front page of CNN most of the day and received 22,534 views in less than 24 hours. 

In his video report, Ryan detailed the volunteer efforts of Latter-day Saints in his stake who so far have collected 75 boxes (over 20,000 pounds) of supplies including non-perishable food, water, clothing, diapers, baby formula and other supplies.

Miami LDS Church leaders are working with a Miami shipping company to get the supplies to Haiti around Feb 3rd at a port north of Port-au-Prince.  40 pints of blood were also given to the South Florida Community Blood Bank for the Red Cross.

Ryan has taken a special interest in this service project since he has a lot of Haitian friends, and his father, Troy Samuels, served his mission in Haiti and speaks fluent Creole.  Troy, who is the Vice Mayor of the City of Miramar, has strong ties to the Haitian community in South Florida.


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