After over 14 years’ research and nearly two years in the writing, possibly the most extensive doctrinal works on Zion is now released exclusively through Meridian Magazine! And you can receive a free copy!

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Zion_Book_ImageAbout the Zion Series

The Zion series began as a concept in 1996 when Larry Barkdull, Lance Richardson and Ron McMillan teamed to write two best-selling historical fiction novels on the ancient city of Enoch. These books (Seeking the City of Enoch and The Long Road to Sanctification) sold tens of thousands of copies, but the series came to an abrupt end when Lance passed away in 2004. The fictional series was to end with one more book.

 Thereafter, the surviving authors pursued other interests. Ron went on to become a New York Times best-selling writer, co-authoring such mega-hits as Crucial Conversations, Crucial Confrontations and Influencer. Larry continued writing award-winning books for Deseret Book and Covenant Communications. He also became a regular columnist for Meridian on the subjects of Zion and Rescuing Wayward Children.

 How the Zion Series Came To Be

Over the ensuing years, Larry researched, gathered materials and outlined for what was to become one of the most comprehensive works on the subject of Zion ever attempted, The Three Pillars of Zion. Because the research was rich in doctrinal concepts, the sheer weight of the principles would not support a fictional format. Therefore, after years of preparation and deliberation, he determined to write a doctrinal series on Zion. The resulting work is heavily documented with over 5,000 references and a massive bibliography of over 300 works cited.

 Originally, The Three Pillars of Zion comprised a collection of five books in one volume, plus an introductory book called Portrait of a Zion Person. But when Larry wrote two more books in the series (No Poor Among Them and In One Year—The 3rd Nephi Model for Becoming a Zion Person), he determined to retire the large volume and republish the series as eight individual books.

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These books are being released one at a time, exclusively through Meridian Magazine. They are not available in stores. We are giving away free PDF versions of the books to our subscribers who help us introduce Meridian Magazine to friends and family. You can receive a free copy of Book 1 in the series: Zion—Our Origin and Our Destiny.

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About Your Free Book

Zion—Our Origin and Our Destiny contains a comparison between the Zion account in 3rd Nephi and latter-day Zion, a look back at ancient Zion societies, how we were prepared to become Zion people, and a vivid description of Babylon.

Here is a list of all the books in the series, plus their approximate release dates. Remember, you can receive each one of them FREE in PDF format, if you help us introduce Meridian to friends and family.

The Three Pillars of Zion Series

  • Introduction: Portrait of a Zion Person (July 2011)
  • Book 1 — Zion—Our Origin and Our Destiny (July 2011)
  • Book 2 — The First Pillar of Zion—The New and Everlasting Covenant (Sept 2011)
  • Book 3 — The Second Pillar of Zion—The Oath and Covenant of the Priesthood (Jan 2012)
  • Book 4 — The Third Pillar of Zion—The Law of Consecration (May 2012)
  • Book 5 — The Pure in Heart (Sept 2012)
  • Book 6 — No Poor Among Them (Jan 2013)
  • Book 7 — In One Year—The 3rd Nephi Model for Becoming a Zion Person (May 2013)

The first fictional series will also be re-released, and the third book that had been planned will finally be added to the series. Here is a list of titles and release dates:

 One Heart Series

  • Book 1 — Seeking the City of Enoch (Sept 2013)
  • Book 2 — The Long Road to Sanctification (Jan 2014)
  • Book 3 — The Last Voyage  (May 2014)

 About the Author

Larry Barkdull is a longtime publisher and writer of books, music, art and magazines. For nine years, he owned Sonos Music Resources and published the Tabernacle Choir Performance Library. He was also the owner and publisher of Keepsake Books. Over the past 30 years, he published about 600 products for numerous authors, composers and artists. He founded two non-profit organizations: The Latter-day Foundation for the Arts, Education and Humanity to promote LDS arts, and Gospel Ideals International ( to promote the gospel of Jesus Christ on the Internet.

Barkdull’s books have sold in excess of 300,000 copies, and they have been translated into Japanese, Korean, Italian and Hebrew. He is the recipient of the American Family Literary Award; the Benjamin Franklin Book Award; and Foreword Magazine’s GOLD Book of the Year Award for best fiction. His most recent books are Priesthood Power—Blessing the Sick and the Afflicted; Rescuing Wayward Children; and The Shepherd Song.

Barkdull is a regular columnist for Meridian Magazine. He writes articles that alternate between “Becoming a Zion Person” and “Rescuing Wayward Children.” He has been published in LDS Living Magazine, and he has been interviewed repeatedly. He is also a speaker for church groups. He and his wife, Elizabeth, have ten children and a growing number of grandchildren. They live in Orem, Utah.