With some in the world selling lies that you can sin and experience no consequence, it might surprise some children to learn this is not true. Choices either bring us closer to God’s kingdom…or farther away. Here is a unique Family Home Evening lesson to teach that while there is a “price” of admission to God’s kingdom, it is free for all. Time for some FHE Fun!

Opening Song: #256 As Zion’s Youth in Latter Days

Opening Prayer:  By invitation.

Time to Celebrate. What happy moments did your loved ones have this past week? You might take a moment to celebrate successes. This way your children will notice they do have strength sufficient to face challenges and to serve others.

Emergency Prep Minute. Just a little bit of weekly preparation can empower your children as they mature. What emergency tip do you want to share with your family this week?

Favorite Scripture Time. When kids and adults share favorite scriptures, you help encourage joy in scripture reading. You can include a few moments at the beginning of each week’s FHE to help bring the spirit and to settle the children for the lesson.

Here are a few ideas you might try with your family…or you may have a different lesson to teach. Regardless of the method, enjoy this weekly time with your loved ones!

Activity. We offer a suggested FHE activity…but do feel free to choose what you feel is most suited to your family’s needs this week. And if you have young children, feel free to adapt!

Items Needed:

  • Scriptures for everyone
  • Pencil or pen for everyone
  • A roll of carnival/fair tickets (can be found in office supply stores)
  • Picture of a fair or carnival
  • A small prize
  • Popcorn in individual paper cups

1. Show the picture of the fair. If the family has gone to a fair or carnival, ask them to share their memories.

2. Here are some thinking questions: What does it cost to get into a fair? What does it cost to buy tickets to explore the rides? Did the fair you went to have an “all day” pass, where you paid just one price to do everything? Are there some people who can’t go to the fair, because they can’t afford it?

3. Explain now the group will explore the “price” of admission to God’s kingdom (far better than a fair or carnival). Bring out the scriptures and hold up the roll of tickets. Invite everyone to turn to Doctrine and Covenants 97.

4. Give each person 10 fair tickets to start, and a pencil. Ask them to look for the “price” of admission to God’s kingdom in D&C 97. For example, in reading D&C 97:1 a person could write on the back of his first ticket, “being truly humble,” on the second ticket, “seek diligently,” on the third ticket, “learn wisdom,” and on the fourth ticket, “find truth.” He even could write on a fifth ticket, “live in the land of Zion” (symbolically, seeking communion with the saints).

5. Let the family know you have a prize for the person who finds and fills out the most tickets! Give more tickets—perhaps in batches of ten—as needed. Allow about ten minutes for the activity.

6. When everyone has finished, allow people to share what they noticed or learned. Then you may want to ask, “Could it then be said, or summed up, that the ‘price’ of admission to God’s kingdom simply is a willing heart?”

Invite the family to keep their fair tickets in a place to remind them how free and simple it is to enter God’s kingdom; we just need a willing heart and a humble mind. The doors to His kingdom are thrown open to all. No one need be turned away because they have no money to pay!

Give out the prize for the most tickets filled out, but then share that in God’s kingdom, all receive beautiful gifts. Pass out the popcorn cups with a hug. And here is a final quote you may want to share from Elder James M. Paramore:

First, we testify to this world that there is a God and He has sent His Beloved Son to establish the importance of this journey to earth and back…

Second, God, through His Son Jesus Christ, has established boundaries…

Third, begin with the end in mind” (James M. Paramore, “The Heart and a Willing Mind,” Ensign, May 1998).

 Closing Song: #223 Have I Done Any Good?

Closing Prayer.  By invitation.


  • Elder James M. Paramore’s talk, “The Heart and a Willing Mind,” is an excellent resource for inspiring quotes and thoughts to strengthen family. It can be found at this link

May you have a powerful “family week”!

C.S. Bezas obtained a degree in Communications, with an emphasis in training programs and human resource development. Struggling with your teens? C.S. Bezas’ book is an essential help for parents and youth leaders. Powerful Tips for Powerful Teachers teaches you how to create long-lasting change. Visit your local LDS bookstore or get your copy online here.