One of the most potent tools for happiness in the family… is the family. The Church has a new leadership handbook and is inviting all to study and learn from it. Why not try it out to increase your family’s joy? Time for a little FHE Fun!

Opening Song:  #198 When We’re Helping (Children’s Songbook)

Opening Prayer:  By invitation.

Time to Celebrate. What happy moments did your loved ones have this past week? You might take a moment to celebrate successes. This way your children will notice they do have strength sufficient to face challenges and to serve others.

Emergency Prep Minute. Just a little bit of weekly preparation can empower your children as they mature. What emergency tip do you want to share with your family this week?

Favorite Scripture Time. When kids and adults share favorite scriptures, you help encourage joy in scripture reading. You can include a few moments at the beginning of each week’s FHE to help bring the spirit and to settle the children for the lesson.

Here are a few ideas you might try with your family…or you may have a different lesson to teach. Regardless of the method, enjoy this weekly time with your loved ones!

Activity. We offer a suggested FHE activity…but do feel free to choose what you feel is most suited to your family’s needs this week.

Items Needed:

  • Hide a small item somewhere in the kitchen (prior to Family Home Evening).
  • Pre-assign a section to each family member from the Church’s new Handbook 2: Administering the Church (see bullet points below for links). At a certain point in the lesson, family members can take turns leading the discussion for their part.
  • Scriptures,

Share with the family you have hidden a __________ in the room where they are sitting. Invite them to look for it. As people get closer to the item, announce, “You’re getting warmer.” As they stray from the item, announce, “You’re getting colder.”

Once the item is found, invite everyone to sit down to listen to the following quote from Elder M. Russell Ballard. (You may want to whisper the quote so they really have to pay attention.)

“The family is not just the basic unit of society; it is the basic unit of eternity. We lived as Heavenly Father’s spirit sons and daughters before this mortal existence. In that grand premortal family council, our Heavenly Father’s plan for the eternal happiness and peace of His children was presented. We understood that we would come to this earth to live as families, and through the sealing authority of the Melchizedek Priesthood, we could live throughout the rest of eternity as families” (M. Russell Ballard, “The Sacred Responsibilities of Parenthood”, Liahona, Mar. 2006, 10–17).

You might want to stimulate discussion along these lines:

  • What kinds of feelings do you think this announcement caused in heaven when it was first announced?
  • Why, then, do families matter?
  • Why does Heavenly Father’s plan “for eternal happiness and peace” include families, even if there are hard times?
  • What benefits are there to work toward success as a family?
  • What benefits are there to having your home be an oasis from the world?

Explain that the Church has published a new manual for leaders and our leaders are encouraging us to read from it. For tonight, we’ll explore the first chapter from Handbook 2: Administering the Church. Just as we went on a hunt for the missing item, we can go on a hunt for missing peace in a family—for times when we struggle!

Invite each family member to share what they studied from the manual in preparation for FHE. Here are three sections you might want covered:

God the Father’s Plan for His Eternal Family

Establishing Eternal Families

The Home and the Church

Not all days in family life are perfect ones. But having a family can be a wonderful thing as people simply try. The Atonement of Jesus Christ makes all good things possible.

You may want to close by sharing your knowledge of the safety and protection that is found within true gospel principles and your love for each person in the family. And again, here is a favorite promise to end the night with, found in D&C 84:88!

 Closing Song: #294 Love at Home

Closing Prayer.  By invitation.


May you have a powerful “family week”!

C.S. Bezas obtained a degree in Communications, with an emphasis in training programs and human resource development. Struggling with your teens? C.S. Bezas’ book is an essential help for parents and youth leaders. Powerful Tips for Powerful Teachers teaches you how to create long-lasting change. Visit your local LDS bookstore or get your copy online here.