Every single day is a miracle.  Not because we see ‘miraculous’ results from our efforts, amazing shifts that bring our fondest dreams or grant us the desires of our hearts- even the righteous desires. Not because of any huge, life altering event at all. But because we are here to experience, listen, learn, and understand.

Blood is pumping through this body of mine, allowing oxygen to get to every portion of my temporal tabernacle.  Through great physical hardship, trained physician’s minds and hands have brought relief, implanted devices to help me ‘keep on keeping on’, and choose the right combination of medications and supplements to help me regain energy and good health.  Getting through tough physical things, to feel the warmth of healing [or to obtain the grace to deal with ongoing issues], is a miracle.

But the real miracle of our everyday-ness is tucked away in the tiny, beautiful nature of our interaction with self, with others, and with Diety. Here are a few beautiful miracles that come to my mind and heart:

  • To feel a genuine empathy for another.  That instant of ‘aha!’ that grants us a drop of Godly love and understanding is miraculous. Especially when we become someone’s miracle because of the empathy we act upon.
  • The power to master self. I have argued with myself. Plenty of times. Over things like, “I’ve got to get up now.” “No- stay in bed.” Or, “I shouldn’t eat that food. Not good for the diabetes.” “Yeah, but I ‘need’ it – just this one time.”    You get my drift? The good/bad arguments are not for little children and teens only! Our spiritual strength can prevail over the physical temptations with lots of practice and many years of determination. It’s a miraculous process.
  • The sun rises and sets. It provides warmth and light necessary to sustain life. Even when skies are clouded, we know the light is there. Similarly, light is felt in our hearts when a sunny soul provides a needed gift of selfless love, or thoughtfulness, or kindness.  Sweet miracles.
  • The makeup of flowers is amazing. With a powerful lens, a photo close-up will show a whole kind of universe inside a tiny flower! The detail with which things are made is a marvel. The minutiae of which we take notice- filling our hearts with gratitude otherwise missed- is a little miracle. It gives us reminder to check in with our Father in Heaven to thank Him for this world’s tiny beauties.
  • Our individuality.  No one in all of the universe is exactly like us. The gift of ‘self’ – with the chance to increase in “wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man” [Luke 2:52] – is a miracle! We can contribute uniquely and miraculously to this world.
  • Our prayers. Heartfelt, sincere communication carves out a little space of peace in what may be our troublesome time. The tiniest waft of inspiration is like an inexplicable balm to our wounded heart. It may open our mind to some small sweet tending we can offer someone else. Connecting with one another, with God, and with a greater self-realization is real and miraculous.

C.S. Lewis once said, “Miracles are a retelling in small letters of the very same story which is written across the whole world in letters too large for some of us to see.”

We don’t currently have eyes, heart, or knowledge to see the Big Picture. But those miracles of everyday living teach us, mold us, and tell the story of God’s love and miracles in language we can see and understand.