In 2009, Meridian Publishing released Darla Isackson’s Trust God No Matter What! We want to share some of the responses we’ve received to this important book.

When you think about it, what topic could be timelier? With last-days trials abounding, every one of us faces unprecedented challenges. Adversities and problems vary widely, but Darla’s book shows there is really only one answer: a deep and abiding trust in God. She shows how to get and keep that kind of trust in difficult real-life situations.

Here are some inspiring words from readers:

This book may well be the most spiritually encouraging and inspiring book I’ve read outside of the Holy Scriptures.  It so fully examines the trials of mortality and the joys of believing in God’s faithful promises, that I cannot be satisfied by the title.  It’s too limiting to give a true idea of the contents.  Through multitudes of resonating stories and examples, Darla demonstrates how to trust God, why to trust God, and when to trust God, no matter what.

I believe Darla was born, tested, tried and shaped in countless ways to gift the rest of us with this book.  No disciple of Christ with an open heart can resist being touched, informed, inspired and encouraged to walk closer to the Lord in every way, through every kind of difficulty.

This book is also an unfolding blossom that leads one’s thoughts to ever deeper levels of insight and understanding.  Why are we here?  Why do difficult things happen?  Where can we turn?  How can we endure? 

After reading Darla’s book, we conclude with a peace-filled acceptance that God has known all our paths from the beginning of our creation, and that we may indeed trust Him to lead us to the greatest and highest joys we are willing to accept.

Lorie Davis



Here’s another one:


Last fall I ordered a copy of the book Trust God No Matter What!  from Meridian Publishing. As I began to read it, I found every chapter so helpful Every chapter in Trust God No Matter What! has amazing, insightful suggestions on how to cope with a variety of trials.

Darla has a wonderful gift of being able to write words that inspire. She shares her personal trials and then writes words of wisdom and insight, explaining how she was able to endure and trust God. Her experiences give the reader the courage to trust Him, as well.

I was having a hard time turning a concern over to the Lord until I read the chapter on “Trusting God when a Child Strays.” What wisdom I found there! I was reminded about our agency and that it’s not up to me to “control.”  That is what Satan does.

Our Loving Heavenly Father has given agency to all of us, including our children, and after we guide and teach and love them, it’s up to our children to choose for themselves.  

The Lord knows what is in their hearts. He knows the big picture.  We do not, and we just need to trust Him to take care of things in His due time, not ours.  After reading this chapter it was so much easier, knowing I was turning my concern over to the tender care of our loving Heavenly Father. A burden was lifted.

I gave the book to my sister-in-law, who is having huge trials. Almost daily I would get emails from her, saying how much she loved the book and how much help and inspiration she received from reading it.


Shirley Hendricks


This final review comes from a woman whose husband has had some of the most extreme health problems imaginable — and subsequent loss of his job and badly-needed insurance. She tells how much the book has helped her face these real and pressing trials.


 I can’t even tell you how the book Trust God No Matter What! has changed my life in just the few weeks I have had it. I think learning to trust God is one of the hardest yet most important things we can do in this life because if we can truly learn to do that, then everything else just seems to fall in place.

I love this book! It has had such a positive influence in my life! It has changed my whole outlook and attitude and how I look at trials. Heavenly Father’s tender mercies sent me this book at a time in my life when I really needed it.

Darla’s book reinforces the fact that our Heavenly Father loves us more than we can even imagine, that he does know each of us individually and that he has a customized plan for all of us. It is so much more exciting to look at trials as an adventure or journey that you are going on with the Lord, wondering where he is going to take you or what he is going to teach you, rather than just seeing this huge trial that you are forced to endure! Perception and attitude make all the difference in the world!!

Darla’s book addresses many negative myths and untruths that the adversary tempts us to tell ourselves every day! I think I was telling myself every one of those things! But Wow! What a difference when you know the truth!

Trusting God is one of those things that you know you should do, but it is way easier said than done. One of the best things about Darla’s book is that she doesn’t just say, “Trust God No Matter What” — she actually gives you specific suggestions about how to achieve that. And they work! That is what makes this book a priceless treasure. I bless my sister-in-law, Shirley, ever day for giving me this book; it is the best and most useful Christmas gift I have ever gotten in my life. Ever.  

If you, or someone you know is going through trials, (and who isn’t in these last days) this book is a definite must-read. I think it should be required reading for every Christian alive. What a better place this world would be if we all just trusted Him, our creator, the one who knows us best and the one who only wants the best for us! When we let go and let God take over our lives the peace always comes.

Marchelle Aird