If you like the Church’s Scriptures site (, you’re going to love the upgraded site that is now in beta testing. Visit it at

Exciting new features include personalized study tools that let you take notes, highlight/underline verses, tag verses, and save them to a folder. You can also Share your favorite verses with friends. What you see today is only phase 1. More is still to come, such as the ability to search your notes and view your tags.

Summary of New Site Features:

  • My Study Notebook (available in the right margin when you’re viewing a chapter within the scriptures).
  • More spacing between the lines and a narrower column width for easier reading.
  • New design layout (which matches the new beta sites).
  • New approach to accessing footnotes and cross-references, which appear in context rather than jumping to a separate page.
  • New search filters which let you refine your search down to an exact book or study aid.
  • In context “Share” functionality.
  • Prominent links to other content and formats, such as scripture stories radio programming and scriptures on mobile devices.
  • Functions to print, listen, and download.

After using the new site, please take the online survey to provide your feedback.

Read more about LDS technology at