What Manner of Man:

Postscript:  What about This Year?
By Linda and Richard Eyre

Authors’ note:  This column marks the final installment in the What Manner of Man series. (unless Meridian decides to re-run it during 2006 – let them know what you think).  We hope you have enjoyed the articles, and invite you to receive the gift of a bound copy of all 48 of the “facets” (see note at the bottom of this article) Thanks for participating with us, and please stay in touch by reading our other Meridian columns and by visiting us often at https://www.valuesparenting.com/.  All the best, Richard and Linda Eyre

There are 84 chapters in the Bible that directly record our Lord’s ministry on this earth (the four Gospels).

Try reading a few pages each Sunday before you partake of the sacrament. Don’t just read – read specifically to know the Lord. Pause after each verse to ask your own mind and the Holy Spirit’s mind, “What does that verse tell me about Jesus? About His character? His personality? His love?

Perhaps these columns can be the format for marginal notes in your scriptures (my scripture margins are covered with the words loyalty, sensitivity, strength, calmness, perfection and so on).

There are many beneficial ways to read scripture. You can read to look for history, for doctrine, for counsel; but try reading 84 chapters for clues to Christ’s character, for principles of His personality.

A few pages each Sunday before the sacrament will provide another small step in the goal of life and the joy of life: coming to know the Lord Jesus Christ.

As you finish this series of columns, reflect on the fact that knowing about the Lord Jesus Christ is not the same thing as knowing him. However, insights, inferences and hopefully inspirations concerning who He was and who He is can guide us and motivate us toward the kind of prayer and the kind of life that allows us to truly know Him.

May we each grow not only to know more about the Savior each week, but to know Him better.   All our best – Richard and Linda Eyre

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