Everything travels like lightening on the Internet—especially rumors. This is an appeal to be slow to believe what you hear about LDS policy changes that you hear on the Internet—unless it comes from the Church itself.

LDS.net reported that Geoff Openshaw of “This Week in Mormons” said:

“It appears that this past weekend, in temple training meetings, workers were allegedly informed that a change is, indeed, on the way, and in the United States, prospective spouses will need to be married civilly (at a courthouse or wherever) before heading to the temple for their sealing… To be clear, for couples wishing for the one-stop-shop, that will be going out the window. Civil-then-temple will be the only recourse. 

Openshaw declined to give his source, but LDS.net went to the Church whose spokesman, Dales Jones, responded

Church leaders are well aware of the issues surrounding marriage and continue to examine them carefully, but we are unaware of any meetings where changes to temple marriage policies have been discussed.”

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