Parent Television Council’s Annual “Top 10” Best & Worst TV Shows (2000/2001 Season)

Hollywood, Calif–The Parents Television Council has released its annual Top Ten Best & Worst Shows on network prime-time television. At the conclusion of each television season, the PTC applauds those television shows which provide families the best entertainment free of gratuitous sex, violence and foul language. Moreover, the PTC alerts parents to the most vulgar and violent programs, particularly those marketed to the youngest audiences.

The “Top 10” Best

1. TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL (CBS/ranked #1 last season)

2. DOC (Pax/first season)

3. 7th HEAVEN (WB/ranked #2 last season)

4. SABRINA, THE TEENAGE WITCH (WB/ranked #4 last season)

5. WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE (ABC/ranked #3 last season)

6. MYSTERIOUS WAYS (NBC and Pax/ first season)

7. DADDIO (NBC/not ranked last season)

8. TWICE IN A LIFETIME (Pax/not ranked last season)

9. MY WIFE AND KIDS (ABC/first season)

10. MOESHA (UPN/ranked #6 last season)

The “Top 10” Worst

1. BOSTON PUBLIC (Fox/first season)

2. WWF SMACKDOWN! (UPN/ranked #1 last season)

3. BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER (WB/ranked #4 last season)

4. DAWSON’S CREEK (WB/ranked #1 in 1999, not ranked last season)

5. THAT ’70S SHOW (Fox/not ranked last season)

6. FRIENDS (NBC/not ranked last season)

7. ALLY MCBEAL (Fox/ranked #6 last season)

8. ANGEL (WB/ not ranked last season)

9. HYPE (WB/first season)

10. BIG BROTHER (CBS/first season)

To View PTC’s Special Report on this year’s Top Ten, go to:

“As evidenced by our Top Ten Worst list, the PTC’s work is far from finished. The abundance of violent and vulgar programs – led by WWF Smackdown!–makes it clear that networks and the advertisers who sponsor such programs, continue to refuse to address the negative impact that this kind of programming is having on our nation’s children,” said L. Brent Bozell, Chairman of the PTC.


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