Dear Brother Albright,

My wife and I have been blessed to serve as a senior missionary couple in the Monrovia, Liberia Mission.  It is located in West Africa.  We are surrounded by hard working, wonderful young missionaries who love the people of Liberia and the gospel of Jesus Christ.

They know the worth of souls is great to our Heavenly Father.  Consequently, when someone is ready for baptism, these missionaries try to make sure it takes place without interruption.  On Saturday, October 12, 2013, we arrived at the Bushrod Island District Center to attend a training meeting.  This is also the building where the baptisms normally take place each Saturday.


When we arrived, we noticed the missionaries were in the back of the chapel hauling water in buckets and taking them into the building.  The missionaries explained that the generator wasn’t working and that the water pump that pumps water to the baptismal font couldn’t work without power from the generator.  (Most of the Church buildings in Liberia receive  their electricity from a generator).


The missionaries were filling buckets from a well and then carrying the heavy water buckets more than 100 yards to the font and dumping the water in the font.  They would first have to dip a bucket down into the well and then carry the bucket to the font and dump it in.  As this wasn’t filling the font very fast, the young missionaries got the inspired idea to put a 50 gallon barrel on a wheelbarrow, fill the barrel with water and then push the barrel to the font and dump it in.


This was hard work and it took great deal of effort since the wheelbarrow had a flat tire!  To make matters more difficult,  it was a very warm and humid day.  After more than an hour of hauling water the elders were able to finally fill the font deep enough to hold the scheduled baptisms.   It was inspiring to watch these dedicated elders work so hard together to fill the font so that 11 wonderful converts could be baptized that day.  Nothing was going to keep these young missionaries from doing the Lord’s work or prevent these good investigators from make sacred covenants with the Lord by entering into the waters of baptism!


Elder and Sister Denney L. Berrett