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Dear President,

During this past semester at BYU in Provo, I felt very prompted to come home to Los Angeles for the summer instead of finishing my degree this summer term. I wondered why that was…until now. This whole summer has been my personal MTC training for MEMBER missionary work. My dad is the stake president here and his ENTIRE focus is now on missionary work. Stake conference was a power house training on how to share the gospel and the hastening of the work. He invited all the members in our stake to pick a specific date by which we would each give the missionaries a “quality” referral (one where their friend agreed to meet with the missionaries and hear the missionary lessons).

The recent world-wide missionary broadcast also inspired me so much!  So I was trying to share the gospel with this woman at work, but it never seemed to go anywhere. Then I got creative in my prayers and started praying for new friends and people with whom I could share the gospel message. My prayers were quickly answered. At our local  4th of July parade in California, my family decided to go and sit in a spot where we had never been before (coincidence? absolutely not!) A friend of mine from years ago, Stephanie, saw me and we talked for about an hour. We hadn’t seen each other in over 5 years!

A couple of weeks later, we even attended another girl’s missionary lesson. Stephanie agreed to attend, but only to observe. I gave her a Book of Mormon and basically taught the restoration lesson to her during our car ride home. Finally, this past week, I invited Stephanie to learn for herself. I invited her via text message and prayed SO earnestly as I waited for her response. Her reply was short and sweet, “Yeah sure! What time?”

GOD IS GREAT! Tonight she had her first missionary lesson in our home. The Spirit was so strong!. Everyone’s testimonies and responses were inspired. Stephanie is golden, in the sense that she is questioning things in the right way (similar to that of Joseph Smith). Stephanie agreed to read and pray about the Book of Mormon and we are having another lesson next Tuesday.

I know that the Lord WANTS us to share His precious gospel. He wants us to gather His sheep. He wants us to be a part of His hastening. I am so humbled to “catch the wave.” The Lord is mindful of all His children. His timing is perfect. I love Him with all that I have!


Chelsea Rozsa