Hardy readerseditionlargeFor the month of February, the e-book price of the Reader’s Edition of the Book of Mormon has been reduced to $2.99 (down from $12.84) on the Amazon Kindle.

This new reader-friendly version reformats the complete, unchanged 1920 text in the manner of modern translations of the Bible, with paragraphs, quotations marks, poetic forms, topical headings, multi-chapter headings, indention of quoted documents, italicized reworkings of biblical prophecies, and minimized verse numbers. It also features a hypothetical map based on internal references, an essay on Book of Mormon poetry, a full glossary of names, genealogical charts, a basic bibliography of Mormon and non-Mormon scholarship, a chronology of the translation, eyewitness accounts of the gold plates, and information regarding the lost 116 pages and significant changes in the text.

New readers of the Book of Mormon will find the story accessible and intelligible. Mormons who have read the text before will gain fresh insights from familiar verses seen in a broader narrative context.

This is the first time the Book of Mormon has been published with quotation marks, select variant readings, and the testimonies of women involved in the translation process. It is also the first return to a paragraphed format since versification was added in 1879.

This contemporary new edition was edited and written by Grant Hardy, chair of the history department at the University of North Carolina at Asheville, and Meridian Magazine contributor.

All royalties from the Reader’s Edition are donated directly to the Church’s Humanitarian Services Fund.

Readers do not have to own a Kindle to purchase the e-book. Kindle offers free reading apps that can be downloaded to a PC, laptop, iPad, tablet or phone. See the Amazon Kindle website for details.