veggieIn an era when much of children’s programming skews toward the violent, loud, and obnoxious, the VeggieTales features are a refreshing alternative, not only for their genuine wit and good-natured humor, but for their explicit emphasis on biblical values. This latest collection, Lettuce Love One Another, provides over 90 minutes of kind-hearted storytelling that adults might enjoy as much as the little ones. It combines in one extended special three previously released episodes. The first, Abe and the Amazing Promise, is a brilliantly-written take on the story of Abraham. Packed with brilliant non-sequiturs, it is in my opinion the funniest one. King George and the Ducky tells a kid-friendly version of King David’s downfall (instead of David coveting Uriah’s wife, King George covets another vegetables’ rubber ducky; this one has a happier ending). Tomato Sawyer and Huckleberry Larry rather loosely adapts the writings of Tom Sawyer. All three are great fun and illustrate various ways that audiences can “love one another,” including having patience and putting others first. Naturally, there’s terrific music and funny zingers all along the way.

Interspersed throughout the 90 minute special are “Bible bits,” animated shorts depicting stories from the life of Christ with respect and reverence (it helps that the Savior is never portrayed as a vegetable). Special features include three “silly songs” music videos, guides for drawing VeggieTales characters, and interactive storybooks that kids can read (or have read to them) right on-screen. This DVD collection is perfect for Sunday, or any day for that matter.