missionary corner

Dear President Albright,

I recently read one of your articles about God’s Divine Signature seen so often in missionary work.  I’d like to share the following experience from our missionary son, currently serving in the Arizona Mesa mission.  We received this email recently from Elder Nick Whaley and decided it’s just too good not to share!

Dear Family, This past week we were reading The Book of Mormon with a ten year old girl. We started from the very beginning. We read the introduction and the testimony of the Eleven Witnesses who saw and held the plates that The Book of Mormon was translated from. After reading the testimonies and seeing the different signatures, she stopped and asked us this penetrating question: “Why isn’t God’s signature there?”

I paused. She then asked us: “Isn’t God a witness of all truth?” I thought about that for a few seconds. Please keep in mind that I had to recover from shock. This is a ten year old girl asking these deep questions and as simple as it may seem, I suddenly realized just how important it was. I prayed for help to answer her correctly! I directed her back to the introduction page. In the second to last paragraph the invitation is given to read The Book of Mormon, then to ponder in our hearts the message it contains and then to ask God the Eternal Father in the name of Christ if the Book of Mormon is true. I then explained to her the promise that those who seek sincerely will receive a testimony of its truthfulness by the power of the Holy Ghost.

Then I heard myself explain: That’s God’s signature! That’s Him telling you whether something is right or not. That’s a divine signature that God places on your heart, instead of a on a page of paper! That’s a signature no man can erase, tear up, forge or burn.’  I then invited her to keep reading and praying about our message. She accepted my answer.  It made complete sense to her and to me. Great questions deserve inspired answers!”

Jay & Mary Whaley

Ward Missionary and Seminary Teacher