The following press releases are excerpted from the Church Newsroom.

The ‘Friend’ Magazine to Go Global in Its 50th Year With Features Directed to Children Worldwide

The “Friend” is celebrating its 50th anniversary in the upcoming year. And with it, the magazine is going global. 

Since the “Friend” began publication in 1971, it has been primarily directed to an English-speaking audience. But starting in January of 2021, the “Friend” will be translated into 48 different languages and sent to about 150 countries. This change will ensure that children across the globe can benefit from the Church’s children’s magazine, which is meant for children ages 3 to 11 and their families.

While many of the beloved aspects of the “Friend” will remain the same, the magazine will enhance its reach by including even more real stories from children in each part of the world.

Primary General President Joy D. Jones said this global focus will ensure that children everywhere will feel like they can relate to someone in the magazine, no matter where they are from.

“We are a global Church, but we each have different backgrounds and experiences,” she said. “It is essential for children to feel like they belong and are needed in this glorious gospel of Jesus Christ. Each child needs to know they are remembered, valued and appreciated in their uniqueness. And it’s important that each be blessed with the same ‘faith-sustaining influence’ in their hearts and homes.”

Before this change, children outside of the United States received a 24-page section that was included with their parents’ copy of the “Liahona,” the Church’s international magazine. Now, children in countries around the world can look forward to receiving a full-length magazine filled with stories, coloring pages and activities to help them learn the gospel at home.

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New Magazine ‘For the Strength of Youth’ Will Reach Latter-day Saint Teens in 140 Countries 

Beginning in January of 2021, the youth of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will receive a new youth-based magazine that will be translated and sent to about 150 countries on a more frequent basis.

This will be the first time that many youth (ages 11–18) outside of English-speaking countries will be able to subscribe to a magazine with messages specifically directed to them. Content will include messages written by prophets, apostles and other Church leaders, as well as testimonies and experiences from youth members around the world.

With youth as the target audience for the magazine, all doctrine, stories and articles will be crafted and published with their needs in mind. Youth will be able to see teenagers, just like them, actively engaging with the gospel and finding resolutions to their problems with the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Although “For the Strength of Youth” will be slightly shorter than its English-only predecessor, the “New Era,” the decreased page count will allow the magazine to be printed in 48 languages. There will also be additional digital content through the Gospel Library and Gospel Living apps, on social media and on the magazine website. Aligned with the Church’s desire to be more global, now more readers than ever will be given access to authentic stories from youth written in countries like Zimbabwe, France, Thailand and more.

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‘Liahona’ to Provide Universal Messages for a Global Church

Starting in January of 2021, the “Ensign” will be retired and the “Liahona” will become the Church’s magazine for all adult members around the world.

Currently, the “Liahona” includes material for children and youth, as well as for adult members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The magazine was created to serve members of all ages in 48 languages, including in English for members who don’t receive the “Ensign,” “New Era” or “Friend.”

Now, with the introduction of the global magazines, adults, youth and children all over the world can receive their own magazines every month or every other month.

“The guidance from our prophets and leaders is so critical in these challenging times,” said Sister Sharon Eubank, first counselor in the Relief Society general presidency and an adviser to the “Liahona.” “I am pleased every member of the Church has the opportunity to receive prophetic insight and counsel, which the ‘Liahona’ magazine will provide.”

The New ‘Liahona’

Readers of the new “Liahona” magazine can expect teachings from Church leaders, inspiring stories that demonstrate how to apply gospel principles and articles that complement the Church-supported, home-centered lessons in “Come, Follow Me.”

Although the new “Liahona” will be slightly shorter than what current readers are used to, the fewer pages will enable the magazine to be distributed in several languages more frequently.

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