The following is excerpted from the Church News. To read the full article, CLICK HERE.

All of the Church’s historic sites are now fully open to the public, the Church announced on March 1.

The Church closed the sites in March 2020 to in-person visitors because of the COVID-19 pandemic, then began a phased re-opening plan in May 2021 with several COVID-19 precautions. Performances, such as the Nauvoo and British pageants in Nauvoo, Illinios, were put on hold.

Now, for the first time in two years, all of the landmarks, visitors’ centers, museums and other locations owned and operated by the Church, from Vermont to New York to Missouri to Wyoming to California, are returning to normal operations for in-person visitors.

When sites closed in March 2020, many missionaries were released or reassigned. But site leaders and missionaries also innovated and responded with offering virtual tours of these sacred spaces. Many of those virtual tours will continue. Availability can be found by searching each location through the Church’s website.

Even though the sites are all found within the United States, they have significance to members of the Church globally, explained Gary Boatright, operations manager of historic sites for the Church History Department, in an interview with the Church News in January 2021.

“There is power about place,” said Boatright.

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