Saturday April 16 was a historic day, as two major LDS organizations joined their talents and resources to increase the quality and access worldwide for Book of Mormon studies.

At the 13th annual Book of Mormon Lands Conference of the Book of Mormon Archaeological Forum (BMAF) held at the Red Lion Hotel in downtown Salt Lake City, president Tyler Livingston announced that the BMAF is merging with Book of Mormon Central (BMC), a new organization formed in 2015 with similar goals and objectives.

“For thirteen years BMAF has brought together some of the best scholars in the Church each year in a forum where they can publicly present their research”, said Livingston.  “Now with the resources, the manpower and technology that BMC has to offer, we’ll be able to reach all of our goals in a more powerful way.  We have everything to gain and nothing to lose with this merger.”

Dave Asay, one of the founders of BMAF agrees.  “All of the content from our BMAF website will be migrated but our Facebook page will remain active for the time being.  By combining the scholarship of BMAF with BMC we’ll be better able to provide evidences and insights on the Book of Mormon to members of the Church everywhere.”

Book of Mormon Central is a powerful media resource with a massive archive of articles on Book of Mormon topics, a completely interactive text, and it features the frequent release of new web videos such as these:


Jack Welch and Kirk Magleby, two of the organizers behind the former Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormonism (FARMS) are founders of the new Book of Mormon Central, along with Taylor Halvorsen and a staff of researchers and media professionals.

According to Magleby, “BMC offers all that FARMS did and much, much more.  Now it truly is the best place on the web to find research and information about the Book of Mormon.”  For more information go to