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A pandemic. Conflict in Europe. Financial insecurity. Racial injustice. 

These aren’t just challenges of the last few years. Events of the 1918 flu pandemic, two world wars, the Great Depression and parts of the civil rights movement are covered in “Saints: The Story of the Church of Jesus Christ in the Latter Days, Volume 3: Boldly, Nobly and Independent, 1893-1955” scheduled to be released on Friday, April 22. 

In the first two volumes, “we see the Saints being persecuted for their beliefs and undergoing hardships because of what they believe and what they stand for,” said Scott Hales, lead writer of “Saints” and one of the general editors of “Saints, Vol. 3”

In “Saints, Vol. 3,” many of the hardships aren’t necessarily for their beliefs, but “because everybody else in the world is going through it as well. They are sharing global conflicts and global tragedies.” 

“The more I study Church history, the more I learned that whatever we’re experiencing today, the Saints in the past have experienced something similar,” Hales said. 

Angela Hallstrom, one of the volume’s writers and general editors, said she sees hope and faith in the stories, despite the challenges.

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