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Sister Kristin M. Yee, second counselor in the Relief Society general presidency, was traveling recently to a priesthood leadership conference when weather and mechanical issues delayed her flight, leaving her stuck in an airport for nine hours.

During that time, she met a woman who had previously been a Church member. Sister Yee got to know the woman — her interests, her family, her heart — and eventually asked if she’d review the messages Sister Yee had prepared for the leadership conference.

As they went over the messages, the woman said, “I feel my heart is about ready to burst. I can feel Him speaking to me. This is what I’ve been pondering. He’s answering.”

Most of Sister Yee’s meetings were subsequently cancelled. But her messages were prepared for that one sister, she said. “You bless the one, you will bless the whole.”

Sister Yee shared her experience during a Tuesday night devotional at the Provo Missionary Training Center. Missionaries preparing to preach the gospel all over the world heard Sister Yee speak about gathering people to the gospel one by one and the importance of hearing the Spirit.

Sister Yee shared how her father joined the Church after studying many different theologies. Her mother, though born into the Church, didn’t have much gospel exposure until an “inspired aunt” asked Sister Yee’s mother to come live with her. Sister Yee’s mother was later baptized.

“I stand before you because a young girl felt the Spirit and decided to follow her Father in Heaven and recognized Him and knew she was His daughter,” Sister Yee said. “You are called to give such a message to this earth, that they might know that they are all part of God’s great family. … No one is exempt.”

Blessing people one by one is the Savior’s way, Sister Yee continued, which is what missionaries do as they gather people to Israel.

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