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I read, “This morning, I went to church. The church’s name was pond. A small pond, so insignificant it doesn’t even have a name. I entered for exercise, a morning walk before the heat of the day. I stayed for the transcendence, the joy…. Dripping with sacred pond water, I bless myself and know that I have learned more about who God is in pond church, than I have anywhere else in a very long time.”[i]

Whether it is a pond, a meadow, or a mountain trail, the potential for communion is real and edifying. The physiology includes the secretion of those pleasure brain chemicals; serotonin and dopamine. During times of either no or routine physical movement the brain can enter the alpha and theta brainwave states common to meditation, highway-hypnosis, intuition, imagination, mind-body connection, accelerated learning, etc. It is no wonder that a person can come away feeling refreshed and happy. It is completely reasonable that the sense of “communion” felt while feasting on the beauties of nature and the peace of seclusion can exceed what one might experience while absorbed in the beta brain waves of normal waking while engaged in critical thought, musing, problem solving, judgement, etc.[ii] that may characterize our experiences at church; listening, teaching, or in social interaction.

In a day of increasing DIY, mixed with news of greed-driven financial and moral failures of the world’s clergy[iii], it is becoming increasingly common to hear, “I am spiritual but not very religious.” If religion is seen only as an expensive, professionally packaged divine messenger service, many will opt for what they are discovering is readily and reliably available in the solitude of nature; transcendent serenity — characteristic of the gamma brain wave frequency which also gives one a sense of increased mental and spiritual capacity.[iv]

It would be easy to be seduced into substituting divine communication with music, nature, or organized religious practices that aid in producing a gamma brain wave state. Because we are dual beings[v] with both a spirit body and a mortal body created in the image of the spirit, we have two brains. Part of a successful mortal experience is to unite our spiritual and physical desires disciplined so that we are spirit led. Hence our spirit brains inform our mortal brain which then produce chemicals and brain wave frequencies resulting in physical and mental sensation. These sensations may be coincident with spiritual experience but are not the source. One author who spent years struggling over whether God really answered prayers concluded:

“When answers or miracles finally come, how will I know they’re from God, rather than from my own self-deception, hypnosis, or positive thinking? I’ll know, partly, because I’ve tried really hard to produce them, with no success. Trust me, if I could hypnotize myself into receiving heavenly answers, I’m pretty sure I would have done it dozens of times by now. It doesn’t work. Much to my chagrin, my prayers, fasting, and temple trips are often met with silence. I’ve learned I really have little control over when and how heaven answers my prayers. I simply can’t conjure up that amazing peace whenever I want it. Self-talk during my prayers just doesn’t feel like those answers that have come on special occasions. No matter how hard I try.

Because we have repeatedly met silence, when the eventual answer comes, it feels clearly different. We recognize those special messages from the Lord precisely because they are rare and unusual and come at unexpected intervals. They feel so very different from the anguished or circular thought patterns that we create ourselves.”[vi]

Without having experienced divine communication for oneself[vii], it is easy to assume that mountaintop serenity is divine, in and of itself. It is like an oxytocin rush (the bonding brain chemical) with no partner or baby with whom to bond; one bonds with the sensation and context that produces it. Divine communication is always purposeful, not just entertaining. It may be compensatory for suffering; comforting.[viii] Or, it may be informational, directional, or enlightening.[ix] So if serenity is so desirable and available in nature and, for some, illusive in church/ organized religion what ideally should be the expected role of church? That is an important question that could lead us to add church rather than replace it with time in nature. First could I suggest a paradigm shift and then try to understand why God, through scripture, has directed us to regular church participation? The whole struggle may result from inaccurate or misinformed expectations. Is church a subset of spirituality or is spirituality a subset of church?

If church is the big circle then one expects to come to church and there find spirituality from the sermons, lessons, and interactions. But if spirituality is the big circle then one brings their spirituality to church where opportunities to actually BE spiritual present themselves. It is easy to act spiritual and assume that one is such. For example, one can act charitably by giving to causes but doing so for selfish reasons; self-image enhancement, recognition, fame, etc. President McKay said it simply: “Spirituality, our true aim, is the consciousness of victory over self and of communion with the Infinite.”[x] Correcting the paradigm will help in correcting the expectation of coming to church expecting spirituality (serenity) only to be disappointed, distracted, offended, enlisted, etc.

Since any one of those can indeed be the result of church attendance on any given day, what is the divinely designed purpose of church? This is not meant to be a comprehensive list but should give appropriate motivation context for skill acquisition that will encourage devoted attendance so as to enhance one’s spirituality.

  1. Belonging to a Kingdom

“The word kingdom is often used in the scriptures to mean the church, since the church is literally the kingdom of God on the earth.”[xi] Because The Church is God’s kingdom on earth, as members of that kingdom we are under covenant to protect and build it.[xii] In fact, God has told us that since His purpose is to help us become kings and queens[xiii], He has given us the kingdom.[xiv] As such we are often left, as a church, to make decisions and experience the consequences in order to learn to govern a kingdom together. God is as active in the process as we elect to include Him, but He often leaves us to test and try things. If we were to ever put the kingdom in jeopardy, then He would directly intervene.[xv] Our part in the kingdom comes through this personal covenant with the King.

“Alma knew the covenant was not like a business deal—“you do this for God, and God will do this for you”—but it was an opportunity for them to become his, to become God’s people.

Every covenant with God is an opportunity to draw closer to him. To anyone who reflects for a moment on what they have already felt of the love of God, to have that bond made stronger and that relationship closer is an irresistible offer.” Henry B. Eyring; Making Covenants with God; September 08, 1996 BYU Fireside

  1. UNITY: at-one-ment

In order for the Savior to complete His Atonement[xvi] He organized a church. It began with His disciples to whom He gave priesthood.[xvii] In preparing to leave them alone He made clear what He hoped for them; at-one-ment.[xviii] Paul elaborated on the means of that unity through organized religion/church.[xix]

  1. Teach Each Other The Doctrines of Christ
  • As Alma was converted and then found himself as the presiding priesthood authority over all those that flocked to him and accepted the ordinances of baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost. What to do? Divine guidance dictated that they organize a church with ordained but no paid clergy whereby they could both teach each other the doctrines of God and care for each other as they worked towards unity, meeting each Sabbath to learn and worship.[xx]
  • Knowing that one learns more directly through divine revelation when teaching by the Spirit, God re-emphasized this instruction in our day. “Teach ye diligently and my grace shall attend you, that you may be instructed more perfectly…”[xxi] It is the instructor that is instructed more perfectly by the grace of the Spirit, than his preparation and study could ever provide.
  1. To Experience Frequent and regular protection from moral pollution

It has been said that one can’t wallow with the swine without getting muddy. So logically getting out of the sty[xxii] seems advisable. Media influences can be subtly polluting. But in light of our divine mission to influence the course of the world and serve all of God’s children He instructs us to be in the world but not of it.[xxiii] Knowing the fallen condition we of necessity must endure to both manifest and change our true nature, our loving Father gives us this powerful solution He calls, “My church and kingdom”[xxiv] and a Sabbath day, and then directs us to use it weekly.[xxv]

  1. To Experience the Synergy of Mutual Spiritual Nourishment and Support
  • The Bible Dictionary defines church, “The church is a means by which the saints (or members) become edified and progress toward the full measure of the stature of Christ.”[xxvi]
  • As Moroni prepared to bury the gold plates and end his message to the saints of the last days, he was clear about the necessity and function of the church.
  • Remember each person who entered the covenant with Christ[xxvii]
  • Nourish each covenant member[xxviii]
  • To foster mutual concern[xxix]
  • To aid in using the transformational power of memory through authorized priesthood ordinances[xxx]
  1. To learn by Experience How to be Governed

Abraham learned that we were sent to earth to learn to be governed by those “governing ones” to see if we would do all that we were commanded.[xxxi] Moroni details the church function wherein “governing ones” are rotated into delegated positions so that we learn to both govern and follow.[xxxii]

  1. To Learn by Experience in A Laboratory for Personal Progression

Church is meant to provide opportunities to progress in our becoming like Christ- an under-shepherd who finds joy in ministering to His sheep. As such, church offers opportunities to serve others who may challenge our weaknesses. Becoming charitable cannot be learned by reading the scriptures. Elder Maxwell said, “Quickly forgotten by those who are offended is the fact that the Church is “for the perfecting of the saints” (Eph. 4:12); it is not a well-provisioned rest home for the already perfected.

Likewise, unremembered by some is the reality that in the kingdom we are each other’s clinical material; the Lord allows us to practice on each other, even in our imperfections. And each of us knows what it is like to be worked on by a “student” rather than a senior surgeon. Each of us, however unintentionally, has also inflicted some pain.” This mutual service can become capacitating as we experience the Atonement of Christ as per the next purpose.

  1. Personal progress comes through true worship:

The Redemptive power of the Atonement of Christ washes over us as we repent[xxxiii] but the Enabling power of the Atonement of Christ capacitates us as we instrumentally capacitate others; we “receive grace FOR grace” as we then grow from “grace to grace.”[xxxiv] This is what is meant by the word “worship.”[xxxv] Our worship or love and adoration of God is fully communicated as we work to emulate Him in being His instruments. Otherwise our offerings are as burnt offering:.

“For I desired mercy (Heb: checed=intimate relationship/love), and not sacrifice; and the knowledge (Heb: dah’ath from yada = knowledge only through experience) of God more than burnt offerings.” Hosea 6:6

It is through such yoking with Christ that He is able to change our hearts so that we become more, rather than just doing more. Service then becomes instrumentality so that He can perfect us by working through us.[xxxvi]


Transcendent serenity is wonderfully desirable, especially when it accompanies divine communication; revelation directing you in how to influence those He puts in your circle of influence. The mountains and ponds offer great environments wherein the inner peace can prepare us for that sacred flow of divine wisdom and direction. Church doesn’t replace that communion time, but the mountains and ponds don’t replace church either. The communion time during the ordinance of the sacrament continues to be as sacred as temple time for me as Father instructs, corrects, and directs our lives. But it is the continual opportunities both resulting from various callings as well as from our interaction with fellow saints who do their best both from the pulpit and in their callings.

When I thought church was a place to go to be taught and served, I was often critical of less than stellar service. But now that I see church as my lab time where I can do now what we are promised to be able to do in eternity; partner in bringing to pass the eternal life of all around me. Eternity is now and church is a powerfully designed training laboratory. Some have said, “it is too bad that the church is not as perfect as the gospel.” But the imperfections of the church make it the perfect laboratory to become. Our weaknesses, especially during conflict, are manifest in service but, experiencing them humbles us and opens our hearts to the further direction[xxxvii] from Father and His beloved son who we can come to know and love. I am so thankful for both the mountains and the church!


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23 And he commanded them that they should observe the sabbath day, and keep it holy, and also every day they should give thanks to the Lord their God.

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8 And where these two facts exist, there shall be another fact above them, that is, there shall be another planet whose reckoning of time shall be longer still

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