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It’s an incredible thing to be able to know the unknowable.  The Spirit knows things that no one can know. That knowledge can be shared with us when we harmonize with Peace.

Leave Home NOW!

Several years ago, when we lived in Monterrey, Mexico, my husband Elbert received a call on his Mexican cell phone and heard a male voice say, “We have been watching your house for ten days, and with the snap of my fingers I can wipe your family out!  He gave dark examples of things he had done to other people, but that he was offering us “protection.” 

He told Elbert that if he gave him some money, he could keep us from being kidnapped and killed.  Elbert did not take it lightly. This type of thing was not uncommon in Monterrey, and we personally knew two neighbors that had been kidnapped. 

While Elbert was on the phone with the would-be kidnappers, he quietly called me on his American phone, and whispered,

“Anne, get over to the Taylors (our dear friends) as fast as you can! Don’t take time to take anything- just go now! I grabbed my daughter, (and my toothbrush) and we ran to the car, and making sure we weren’t being followed, drove to our friend’s home.

We spent the night at Taylor’s home deliberating in mighty prayer what our next move should be.  Should we leave work and Mexico in order to be safe, or should we ride it out?  Was it a real kidnapping attempt, or was it just an attempt for extortion? What should we do? It was unknowable!  We didn’t make any decisions that night.   

The following morning in the wee hours, we decided we had to return to our house for important papers, some clothes, and equipment that Elbert needed at work. We determined to go around 4:00 am so that in the outside chance someone was still observing our house, they would be asleep.  

We crept into the house, quickly grabbing our things, and while we were there, Elbert suddenly said, “I feel peace in this house. We can come back home. We’ll be OK.”

There was no way for him to know the outcome, except that he FELT the outcome. Peace spoke to his heart.  Someone who knew more than he knew, let him know.  Later in the day, peace also spoke to my mind, and I knew we would be fine returning home.  We had the inexplicable knowledge come that could only come through divine channels.

Help Me Find My Son?

Chad Pendley and his friend went to a Father and Son’s outing, each taking their 4-year-old sons to camp together.  While the boys were playing, Chad and his friend put up the tent and began preparing supper.  Chad tells the rest:

 “Once dinner was ready, I looked around for my son, and to my horror, I  could not see him or his friend anywhere.  My friend and I quickly gathered a few people and set off looking for the two boys.

Just above our camp was a large hill that overlooked the entire camping ground. I knew that the hill was too steep for the boys to climb, especially given the short amount of time since they were last seen, but I ran up the hill hoping to get a better view of the surrounding area.  Out of breath and at the top, I scanned the area and still saw no sign of the boys.  Desperate, I dropped to my knees and pleaded with my Heavenly Father to help me know where to look for the boys.  I had hoped to have some sort of revelation as to where to look for the boys, but instead I was filled with an unmistakable peace.  Unfortunately, I was confused because I still did not have a solution for the missing boys and didn’t know what to make of the internal peace.

Could it be that God had not understood my plea? I began to descend the hill and once again prayed in my heart for direction in finding my son and was again granted a clear peace.

Shortly after I returned to camp, the two boys were found safe in our car. They had decided to play a game of make-believe and were completely unaware of the panic that took place only feet away from where they played.  I then understood my peace- the Lord knew where they were, and He knew they were safe.  The peace was for me.  I needed to learn to trust the Lord.”

Chad was given understanding, and felt the outcome before it became known to others.

Hidden Outcomes

I love this quote from Joseph B. Wirthlin, who tells us how we, like Elbert and Chad can feel hidden outcomes before they happen. He said:

“I once had the opportunity to tour a large cave. While there, the guide turned off the lights for a moment to demonstrate what it was like to be in total darkness. It was an amazing experience. I put my hand an inch from my eyes and could not see it. It was frightening in a way. I was relieved   when the lights were turned back on.

As light penetrates the darkness and makes physical things visible, so does the Holy Ghost penetrate the spiritual darkness that surrounds us  and make plainly visible spiritual things that once were hidden.”                (Joseph B. Wirthlin “The Unspeakable Gift,” April Conference 2003,           Italics added)

In other words, if we are attuned to the Spirit (light), we can learn of unknowable or unfathomable things. We don’t know what we don’t know, but we can be assured that the Spirit knows all things and can infuse us with comfort, knowledge and peace if we are actively seeking for it.

Are You Harmonizing with Peace or Non-peace?

There are only two directions to go spiritually: up or down. We are either harmonizing with peace or harmonizing with non-peace at any given moment.  No one consciously wants to leave peace, but we do it all the time.  For example, 

We harmonize with unholy characters or situations in a movie or book.
We align with people on social websites who spout negativity.
We dwell on political news or events that spawn outrage.
We focus on negative circumstances in our lives that pull us down.

When we resonate with these things, we lose our peace. The longer peace is lost to us, the less light we will feel.  When not checked, it’s easy to feel glum or depressed, or take on the anger, panic, outrage or habits of the people we are attuning to. 

How to Reclaim Peace

When we feel Non-peace, we can always tie it to our thoughts and what we are aligning with. Thank goodness we’re designed to easily find it again. We just need to go to where we last remember feeling it. 

Where Did You Last Feel Peace?

Were you feeling the beauty and awe of nature?
Were you listening to uplifting music, Conference talks or Inspiring Books?  
Were you reading scripture?
Were you in the temple?
Were you serving someone with unselfish love? 

When we lose our peace, it just means that we stopped harmonizing with light and beauty, and instead began to harmonize with something less.  Let’s go back to where we had peace, and claim it again. 

A Crucial Time For Inner Peace

The world is in a state of chaos and war, which also flows into our minds and hearts, but we are promised inner peace from the Prince of Peace if seek it. When we feel light and harmony in our soul, it doesn’t matter what else is going on in our lives, we are assured that all will be well.  His Spirit knows what we can’t know, and He will tell us what we need to do.

President Russell M. Nelson profoundly taught,

“In coming days, it will not be possible to survive spiritually without the guiding, directing, comforting, and constant influence of the Holy Ghost.” (President Russell M. Nelson, , “Revelation for the Church, Revelation for   Our Lives,” April Conference 2018)

Formula For Peace

Doctrine & Covenants has a great formula for those who want to receive peace.  The Lord taught us,

“Learn of me and listen to my words; walk in the meekness of my Spirit,   and you shall have peace in me.” (Doctrine  & Covenants 19:23) 

The truth is, we’re promised peace as we honestly and fervently seek it. This is a promise from Jesus Christ himself! His light is the answer to all difficulties.

Elder Uchtdorf echoed this concept when he asked the following questions:

“Do you want to experience abiding joy? Do you yearn to feel within your heart the peace that passes understanding? Then turn your soul toward the light.” (Dieter F. Uchtdorf, General Conference, “A Yearning For Home” Oct. 2017)

Hold On to Peace

Ask yourself, “Am I harmonizing with peace or “am I harmonizing with non-peace at this moment?”

If we realize that we aren’t feeling the spirit, we need to stop aligning with non-peace, and go back to the radiance of peace. By focusing on light, we put ourselves in a position like Elbert and Chad to know the unknowable, understand the inexplicable and to feel His Peace in daily living.

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