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Four years ago, the Supreme Court said LGBTQ couples could marry in every state. Did it also give them the right to adopt from any agency?

That question plagues officials across the country, who must decide whether faith-based adoption agencies that refuse to serve same-sex couples should still be allowed to partner with the government to place kids in new homes. LGBTQ and religious freedom rights advocates clash over what’s best for prospective parents and vulnerable children.

“How do we ensure that everybody’s allowed to foster and adopt? How do we also ensure there’s space for a diverse array of foster care and adoption agencies? That’s what we’re dealing with now,” said Nick Reaves, counsel for the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, a religious freedom-focused law firm that’s been involved in multiple adoption cases.

Each month seems to bring more news of lawsuits and legislation related to adoptions. Last month, Axios reported that the Trump administration will soon change federal policy to allow faith-based foster care or adoption agencies to receive public money even if they won’t serve LGBTQ couples for religious reasons.

It’s hard to keep up with the ongoing conflict, even if you want to. The Deseret News is here to help with an overview of key debates playing out across the country. Catch up on what’s happened over the last few years and learn what to expect next.

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