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A lot has happened in the Church this past year, and between the announcements, callings, and changes due to COVID it’s hard to keep track of them all. Can’t remember what happened last week, let alone in January 2021?

Here’s a look at some of the announcements and other events that have taken place in the Church over the past 12 months.


Church Handbook Update Offers Guidance on Receiving Endowment

An update to the Church Handbook in section 27.2.2 states, “The decision to receive the endowment is personal and should be made prayerfully.” The handbook also lists four conditions members should meet if they choose to receive the endowment, which are as follows:

  • They are at least 18 years old.
  • They have completed or are no longer attending high school, secondary school, or the equivalent.
  • One full year has passed since their confirmation.
  • They feel a desire to receive and honor sacred temple covenants throughout their lives.

First Presidency Releases Statement on Importance of Vaccines

In January, the First Presidency and Apostles and their wives over the age of 70 received the COVID-19 vaccine. The First Presidency also released a statement saying the Church has supported vaccines for generations. They encouraged others to safeguard themselves through immunization as well.

“As appropriate opportunities become available, the Church urges its members, employees and missionaries to be good global citizens and help quell the pandemic by safeguarding themselves and others through immunization. Individuals are responsible to make their own decisions about vaccination. In making that determination, we recommend that, where possible, they counsel with a competent medical professional about their personal circumstances and needs,” the statement reads.

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Opportunities for Service Missionaries Expanded

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