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“I know Heavenly Father loves me.” If each of us could remember this simple truth and really believe it, what peace and joy we would have in our daily lives. That is the message of this primary favorite as performed by the recently established Rexburg Children’s Choir in a beautiful new music video.

The children of the Rexburg area lend their pure voices to this song in a setting that is perfectly suited to lyrics that praise creation and the beauty of the earth around us. Choir director Ben Watson only recently moved to Rexburg to take up a teaching position at BYU-Idaho. When he sought a children’s choir for his kids to be involved in, he found that the city didn’t have one and so determined to form his own.

Only a few months old, the choir includes children from ages 6-18. This is the Rexburg Children Choir’s first music video and part of an effort to bring their music not just to Southeastern Idaho, but to the world. If you enjoy their song, you can be part of that effort by sharing the music with your friends.