Scott Beck and Bryan Woods who created the story and co-wrote the movie The Quiet Place, know how to create a horror thriller. Yet their new film, Heretic, starring Hugh Grant, is based on a premise that might really chill the hearts of every sister missionary and those who love them. In the film, two missionaries, tract into the home of a man with a twisted psyche. They hope to teach him the gospel, and no worries, his wife is baking a pie in the kitchen so they can enter.

Yet the moment gets immediately more dire, when they realize that smell of blueberries was coming from a candle, not a pie, and far from there being a wife in the kitchen, they are locked in with a psychopath who will test their endurance and faith to the point of desperation. He begins by scratching “belief” and “disbelief” on two doors and the fearful game begins. Will the missionaries escape?

While this idea might sell tickets, it couldn’t be more terrible. We can only hope that no mentally ill person will grab this concept from the movies and do a copycat. Clearly, the film makers can see how vulnerable and innocent a young missionary can be, but they exploited this for the sake of storytelling without regarding the possibility of endangering any one in real life. Disappointing and short-sided to say the least.

Here’s the trailer.